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Recursos Humanos

Personal Development

Correos' greatest strategic asset is its people . This means that  training is fundamental to developing the talent within our business. 


The training provided focuses on the business and employees' needs throughout their careers.  

Our training options are wide-ranging and cover all posts and functions, encouraging career development and the management of internal and external talent, another of our priorities.  

We understand training as an ongoing process throughout the career. For this reason we  include the latest educational methods in the development of the  different programmes: 

 - Technical training
 - Operational training 
 - Training in management skills  
 - Language training  
 - Management training  
 - Sales school
 - Training in workplace risk prevention 
 - Training in the environment and sustainability  

The training department is committed to the use of  the latest technology as a learning tool in a decentralised organisation, to ensure we reach every employee, whatever their job and wherever they may be located, with an emphasis on efficiency, rapidity, and ongoing adaptation to change.

This explains why Correos's model of e-learning and its development  have become a national and international benchmark for strategies for implementing change management and adaptation to new organisational models.   

See our training centres 

Centros de formación Centros de formación

We have a centralised national training centre as well as classrooms all over Spain, in an outstanding location and with the latest technological advances.

In response to constant demand from our customers and suppliers, our training facilities can be hired for events and meetings.

For further information: buzon.aulas@correos.com


Internal promotion and career development are another priority area for our HR policy. As well as training plans, we have individual development plans, managed  using  internal management models which guarantee objectivity and transparency (performance reviews,  competency-based models, etc.)

Correos understands personal development to be how people evolve according to their potential,  performance, motivation and aspirations.

According to the specific needs identified, and coordinating with the training programmes, we offer various options, such as: participation in projects, mentoring, coaching, residences,  or assignment to international partnership programmes.

Integration plan for people with disabilities  

Correos's concern for the integration of people with disabilities goes beyond mere compliance with the law.  Our actions in this area are closely linked to our management goals, including:

 - Introducing specific internal management procedures 
 - Communications plan  
 - Partnering with employment centres and associations.
 - Partnering in specific campaigns  


Promoting equal opportunities and favouring integration and diversity are basic principles in Correos' people management models. We favour measures such as: 

 - Including a specific section on equality in all training programmes. 
 - Implementing and monitoring an  Equality Plan.
 - Ensuring no gender discrimination in pay.
 - Contributing to the full effectiveness of equal treatment and opportunities through measures favouring a work-life balance. 
 - Implementing an anti-harassment protocol. 

Work-life balance

 Correos understands the work-life balance as measures to make  our  professional, personal and family lives more compatible. 

In some cases, our work-life balance measures go beyond current legislation, and they have been  recognised with a  Randstad Award  for “work-life balance and an attractive working environment” in the last three years : 2011, 2012 and 2013.

We understand that to maintain leadership and competitiveness we need the commitment of everyone, and for this reason we strive for a highly productive and motivating workplace which meets the needs of the people who work at Correos.