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Correos Pre-Paid Card

Ideal for:

Tarjeta Prepago Funcional Tarjeta Prepago Segura Tarjeta Prepago Accesible

A simple, secure way to monitor your spending.

The Correos Pre-Paid Card is a MasterCard which is not linked to a bank account.

  • Geographical Coverage: Nacional e Internacional.
  • Size: Size 85.60 mm. × 53.98 mm.
  • Delivery times: One week from ordering it online.
  • Rates: From €6 (including VAT).

Sold by

Tarjeta Prepago Star Wars

Correos offers its customers a limited edition Correos Pre-Paid Mastercard with characters from the Star Wars franchise, available in selected Post Offices for €20.

Get them at your Post Office

You can use the Correos Pre-Paid Card to pay for purchases in any physical or online shop that accepts Mastercard®. It doesn’t require a bank account: you add funds to the card and that money is then available. You can get it straight away at Post Offices (or within two weeks if ordering online), with no need for credit ratings, just by presenting your ID card.

Load your card: at any Post Office or through our website or mobile app.

Shop securely: in any of over 35 million establishments in the Mastercard network, both shops and online businesses.

Withdraw cash: at any cash machine in the main banking networks in Spain and abroad, and at any Post Office.

Transfer funds: easily and instantly to other Correos Pre-Paid Cards.


How to buy it online:

Customers fill in their details in a series of steps.

The customer's information is checked, and if positive, the purchase concludes successfully and the customer receives an email indicating when they will receive the card by post at the indicated address.

When the customer receives the card at home, they must then take their ID document to a Post Office for scanning. There is no extra charge for this process.

To activate the card, the customer should send an SMS from their mobile phone to 662 058 052 with the following message: “PIN (space) last 8 digits of the card”. The customer will immediately receive an SMS on their mobile with the PIN, and will then be able to use the card.


  • The card is accepted in all establishments in the MasterCard network, physical shops, online shops and cash machines.
  • The card lets customers control and limit their spending, as they can only spend the money previously loaded on the Correos Pre-Paid Card.
  • Customers can check their balance and transaction history at any time through various channels (website, app, SMS, Customer Services).
  • The Correos Pre-Paid Card can be acquired through:  Website http://www.correosprepago.es  - click on "Order your card".

This convenient card lets you make payments in physical shops or online, and withdraw cash at Post Offices and cash machines associated with the MasterCard® network all over the world. Easy to get, load and manage. Customers have many ways to contact us or get support: Post Offices, our website, our mobile app, via SMS, and the customer helpline. No need for a bank account and no credit checks. All you need is an identification document. Secure for online shopping, it lets you make purchases without providing bank details. If your card is stolen, any loss is limited to the remaining balance on the card, rather than the funds available in a bank account or line of credit, as in the case of debit and credit cards. No maintenance fees: there is no commission on purchases in euros.

The Correos Pre-Paid MasterCard is ideal for:

Online shoppers. It’s a secure means of payment when shopping online, with no need to provide bank account information. It’s like a virtual card, with the added advantage of being able to use it in shops. It’s also one of the most economical pre-paid cards on the market.

Immigrants. The card works like any other, but you don’t need to have a bank account.

Parents, for their children. You choose how much money is available, and it can be used like a wallet or a piggy bank, while it also lets you check transactions and remaining balance through the website or the mobile app.

Travellers. With this card, you don’t need to carry large amounts of cash. It’s a secure way to have funds while travelling, with no associated bank account. You can also receive money from other Correos Pre-Paid Cards, or top it up from any other previously associated card.

People outside the banking system. This card is not associated with any financial institution, although the product experience is like that of any bank card.

People who want to control their spending. As you only have the money you previously loaded onto it, the card is ideal for setting spending limits and managing your finances.



Buy card


Replace card


Top up at a Post Office

 €1 € 

Top up through the website


Withdraw cash at a Post Office


Withdraw cash from a SEPA cash machine


Withdraw cash abroad


Transfers between Correos Pre-Paid Cards


Fees for refused transactions


Recover PIN


Inactivity fees (after 12 months with no activity)*

€1 / month

Close card


Commission for exchanging currencies in purchases/cash withdrawals in a non-Euro currency



(*)    From the 13th month without transactions





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