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Sell all across the world through the most important marketplaces and manage all your orders from a single platform with our Sell in Marketplaces solution



Sell in Marketplaces From €19.95 I WANT TO SELL

Why use Correos?

Correos helps you to manage all your orders in the leading national and international marketplaces from a single platform:

Manage your orders from a single centralised point.
With no need to have an online store, you can centralise management of all your orders on different marketplaces.
Connect vendor accounts from over 50 marketplaces nationwide and internationally, such as Amazon, eBay, AliExpress and many more...
Integrated with Correos Group logistics.
Raise all the customs documentation for exporting your orders.


Choose the best plan for your business: Free, Basic or Premium.
Connect your vendor accounts in the marketplaces.
Integrate your logistics contract with Correos or Correos Express.
 Manage your orders in one place.

Choose your plan


Manage business on Marketplaces for free FREE


Manage business on Marketplaces nationwide €19.95/month


Manage business on Marketplaces in the global markets €49.95/month

(1) The plans included in this solution do not include registration on the various marketplaces. To connect to a marketplace, the customer must have previously registered on said marketplace and accepted the terms and conditions set by the marketplace.

(2) Order management requires an active parcel service contract with Correos (national or international, as necessary) and signed with a Correos sales manager. The order limits are monthly and in total (combining all the various delivery types, national and/or international, in a single month). More information on contracting the Correos parcels service can be found on the Correos website ( 

Frequently asked questions

What is e-Commerce Solutions: Sell in Marketplaces?

It is an e-commerce solution provided by Correos that lets you easily manage all your orders in the main marketplaces around the world because you can do it without an e-shop.

Where can I make sales?

You can sell in any marketplace where you have previously registered as a seller.

Just remember that you need to have accepted the terms and conditions of each marketplace on which you want to publish your product, as well as the corresponding legal and commercial terms and conditions.

When can I use this service?

You can start using this service straight away. You just need to register and connect your seller accounts to manage your orders

How can I use it?

Simply register on the platform and provide the necessary configuration details for connecting to the marketplaces (this information is received when registering as a seller in the marketplaces). If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact our customer service department for guidance through the steps to connect your seller accounts. 

When you make a sale, you will be able to access this tool to see an overview of all your sales and manage your deliveries by using the simple Correos parcel service. If you don’t have a contract with Correos yet, get in touch with us and we’ll help you through the process. 

How much does this service cost?

We offer three different tariffs to meet the needs of every customer.

Premium Plan: €49.95/month. With the Premium Plan, you can connect all your various marketplace accounts and manage all your orders from our platform, whether national or  international 

Basic Plan: €19.95/month. You can use this plan to connect your national marketplace accounts and manage up to 100 orders per month. 

Free Plan: to enjoy a free trial. This plan is designed for those who want to try out our marketplace sales tool. You will be able to connect up to two national marketplace accounts and manage 10 orders per  month. 

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