Franqueo en destino

Receive answers from your customers in one place and at no cost to them.

Product information


The Franqueo en Destino service allows you to receive orders, promotion requests, the return of completed documentation, survey responses and quality questionnaires from customers, all in one centralised place and at no additional cost to them.

We will need the design of the Franqueo en Destino envelope or card for nationwide use to meet the following characteristics:

  • It must identify Correos as the service provider: the word “España”, the hunting horn Correos logo, the words "Franqueo en destino" and the initials “F.D.”
    • The standard measurements for these stamped elements are:
    • 52 x 22 mm
    • 19.8 x 22 mm.
  • The front of envelopes or postcards to be used for the Franqueo en Destino service must follow one of the standard models:
    • A vertical stripe in blue (Pantone 541 C) or black.
    • A space reserved for indexing: 15 mm on the lower edge.
    • Grey or black may be used for all printed graphic elements.
    • The words "respuesta comercial" can be added in the top left corner.
    • Option to add a corporate image and advertising in the left margin on the front of the envelope.


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