API integration

At Correos, we manage your deliveries so you can focus on your business.

API documentation

WebService is a technology that uses a set of protocols, web services and interfaces to exchange data between the systems at your company and the systems at Correos. A Web Service (WS) is an interface.

It lets you communicate with Correos via WebService and receive the data offered by the service in response (pre-registration, status, Post Offices, etc.).

WebService integration enables complete delivery management and speeds up logistics, warehouse management and Customer Services. This is especially recommended for clients with large daily delivery volumes, those that already use this integration with other suppliers and those whose logistics management is highly automated.

This service is available for many of our products:

National parcel delivery:

  • Paq Today: to a home address, to an office and to CityPaq.
  • Paq Premium: to home, the office and CityPaq.
  • Paq Estándar: to home, the office and CityPaq.
  • Paq Ligero.
  • Paq Retorno.
  • Paq Retorno Premium.
  • Paquete Azul.

International parcel delivery:

  • Paq Premium Internacional.
  • Paq Standard Internacional.
  • Paquete Internacional Light.
  • Paquete Internacional Económico.

You will also enjoy a wide range of other features:

  • Pre-registration and labelling of deliveries with WS Pre-registro.
  • Collection request with WS Recogidas.
  • Delivery tracking with WS Canónico.
  • Delivery image recovery with WS PEE.
  • Information about all our delivery points with WS Localizador Oficinas y Citys.

Less time spent on delivery management with our delivery service. Correos deals with everything so you can focus on your business.

If you are not yet a customer, contact our Customer Service Department on 915 197 197 to find out how.