Business solutions with smart Citypaq service points Citypaq offers the best solution for managing deliveries simply, responsively and securely. There is a Correos service point near you wherever you are in the city, even in your workplace or homeowners’ association. YES PLEASE
Collection and return points: Citypaq offers collections for your online store customers. For deliveries and returns!
Automate deliveries in your office or home: include smart service points in your workplace or homeowners’ association and end the problem of personal deliveries.
Easy, contactless Click&Collect: Citypaq allows you to offer Click&Collect collection in your stores and physical sales points.

Request Citypaq for deliveries and returns

We offer our network of smart service points as collection points for your online store. Your customers can receive and return their purchases with no fuss. Click the button above and fill in the form. Request a visit to your office to explain how Citypaq works and its advantages.

Resolve the problem of deliveries to your offices

Our Citypaq mini-post office service point fully automates the personal deliveries of employees in your workplace or residents in your homeowners’ association. An exclusive smart service point that guarantees deliveries are received from all delivery companies.

Click&Collect deliveries in your sales points

We install Citypaq smart service points so that you can offer Click&Collect collection in your facilities. Plan and deposit deliveries simply using the Citypaq Partners app.

How to be a Citypaq service point

Fill in the form and become a Citypaq parcel service point. Increase visits to your physical store and increase customer loyalty 
We have a perfect Citypaq for you. We offer different sizes to fit the space in your business. Find the best spot for your service point.
Once you have the space for your Citypaq, all you need is a power supply and 3G coverage.
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Product information

Citypaq as a collection point for your online store

Deliveries from your online store are now easier than ever. More and more businesses are now offering Citypaq as a delivery option, as our service points can be used for deliveries throughout the country. You just have to choose your most convenient Citypaq and leave the orders from your online store. Correos takes care of everything else. 

To offer Citypaq as a collection method for your ecommerce site, you need a parcel contract with Correos for Citypaq deliveries.

If your online store is designed with the Correos or Prestashop, Magento or WooCommerce ecommerce solutions, all you have to do is install the modules and plugins for Correos as the delivery service. You then choose how to display the available Citypaq service points to your customers, using either a map or a list.

Citypaq as a returns point for your online store

Make it easier for your customers to return deliveries using the Citypaq returns service. They can return their orders using Correos’ service points.

You must contract Correos’ reverse logistics service to offer this. Select delivery using Citypaq service points in the return instructions.

And you are ready to go! Your customers can return parcels using the Citypaqs distributed throughout the country.

I now offer Correos branches as service points for collections and returns

Including the Citypaq network is immediate in this case. All you have to do is add the Citypaq points in the list of branches. No integration is needed. It is all simple and intuitive.

If you have a contract with the Correos parcel delivery service, contact Customer Serviceand ask your manager.

Citypaq mini-post office service in your office or home.

Ask us to install a Citypaq service point with our mini-post office service and Citypaq will manage all of your deliveries from any distribution company or operator. This could benefit all employees or local residents, optimising the receipt and delivery of parcels in your office.

Citypaq Click&Collect

Use the Citypaq service points in Click&Collect mode in your business. The Citypaq point is used as a shared point in the network of service points and for your Click&Collect deliveries. You can also contract the service exclusively for your customers, if you prefer. You decide!

You can use the Click&Collect service with our Citypaq Partners app or develop an API integration between your sales-point management systems and Citypaq.

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