Location files for Offices and Citypaq

The Office and Citypaq Databases are files that provide all the information on the location and opening times of our delivery points (“pick up drop off” , PUDO): Parcel delivery offices and accessible CityPaqs.

The Office and Citypaq Databases are available to download directly on this page (updated monthly) and can also be integrated with your store using the Webservice or exchanging SFTP files:

  • By integrating the Webservice, you can locate the offices for a specific postcode, province, by distance from any given geographic coordinates and even by the Citypaq code
  • By integrating SFTP file exchange, a copy of the previously agreed file is deposited in the path assigned to the client.

These files are available separately or as a set:

  • Eligible Parcel Offices file
  • Citypaq file
  • Offices and Citypaq file

In .xls, .csv and .txt formats.

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