GECO management software

The ideal solution for large delivery volumes.

Download GECO depending on your computers operating system.

This download is not available for mobile devices or tablets.

WINDOWS 32-bit
WINDOWS 64-bit
Unique GECO ID
Unique GECO ID
Download the GECO Basic Manual

GECO is free software that you can install on your computer for quick and easy order management. It offers flexible and scalable templates for large delivery volumes. It can be automated and is the ideal option for parcel delivery customers with medium and high delivery volumes and limitations on performing integration. 

Installing GECO requires a personalised configuration file, which Correos will provide, exclusively for Customers with contracts.

This service is available for many of our products:

National parcel delivery:

  • Paq Today: to home, at the office and in CityPaq.
  • Paq Premium: to home, at the office and in CityPaq.
  • Paq Estándar: to home, at the office and in CityPaq.
  • Paq Ligero.
  • Paq Retorno.
  • Paq Retorno Premium.

International parcel delivery:

  • Paq Premium Internacional.
  • Paq Standard Internacional.
  • Paquete Internacional Light.
  • Paquete Internacional Económico.

Offering you a wide variety of functionalities:

  • Create the label ready to print and stick it on your parcel, whether individually or be uploading files for large volumes of deliveries.
  • Perform single-parcel and multiple-parcel deliveries.
  • Include additional services, such as cash on delivery, insurance...
  • Request collections, generating a file through Mi Oficina.
  • National deliveries to Portugal with Customs processing for deliveries when required.

Less time spent on delivery management with our delivery service. Correos takes care of everything, so you can concentrate on your business. 

If you are not yet a customer, contact our Customer Service Department on 915 197 197 to find out how to sign up.