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Correos-Magento Module v4.0.4

Magento is a free platform that offers a solution for creating online stores. Its module system allows you to add a range of ecommerce functionalities, including payment methods, logistics and transport, and various marketing options.

The Correos Magento module integrates national and international parcel services, making managing orders quick and easy.

This service is available for many of our products:

National parcel delivery:

  • Paq Premium: to home, the office and CityPaq.
  • Paq Estándar: to home, the office and CityPaq.
  • Paq Retorno.

Offering you a wide variety of functionalities:

  • Choose the CityPaq or Correos post office where you would like to the order to be collected during the purchasing process.
  • Create the label so it is ready to print and stick on your parcel.
  • Request collection of your parcels and you won't even need to visit one of our Post Offices to drop them off.
  • Track the delivery status of each order.

Less time spent on delivery management with our delivery service. Correos deals with everything so you can focus on your business.

If you are not yet a customer, contact our Customer Service Department on 915 197 197 to find out how.

The Correos Integraciones Comerciales team is always ready to answer your questions.