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Correos-WooCommerce v1.8.2 module

Add the Correos module to your Woocommerce online shop and you will have a free tool that will considerably ease the management of your shipments.

If you have a contract with Correos, Correos Express, or both companies simultaneously, this module will allow you to comfortably and quickly manage parcel deliveries from your shop.

The following products can be taken out in conjunction:

Correos products:

  • Paq Premium Domicilio
  • Paq Premium Oficina Elegida
  • Paq Premium City Paq
  • Paq Estándar Domicilio
  • Paq Estándar Oficina Elegida
  • Paq Estándar City Paq
  • Paq Ligero
  • Paq Standard Internacional
  • Paq Estándar Internacional
  • Paq Light Internacional

Correos Express products:

  • Paq 10
  • Paq 14
  • Paq 24
  • Paq Empresa 14
  • Epaq 24
  • Islas Express
  • Islas Documentación
  • Islas Marítimo
  • International Express
  • Internacional Estandard
  • Entrega Plus
  • Campaña Cex
  • Portugal Óptica
  • Paquetería Óptica

Some of the main functions available include:

  • Pre-registration of the shipment in Correos and Correos Express systems.
  • Label printing, both for printers and labellers.
  • Request for home collection of the shipments you need to deposit.
  • Tracking the status of the shipment from the shop itself.
  • Printing of documents for customs formalities with Correos. CN23, DCAF and DDP 
  • Search for Citypaq and Correos post offices for your buyers who opt for alternatives to home delivery.

Streamline all the management related to the shipment of orders that have entered your shop, keep control over them and offer your customers the best distribution services for their purchases.

If you are not yet a customer, contact our Customer Service Department on 915 197 197 to find out how to sign up.