Change of ownership of your vehicle

We make it easy! You can now change the ownership of your vehicle or moped at Correos without needing to visit the Provincial Traffic Authority (DGT) Headquarters.

From € 52.57

Change of ownership of your vehicle From € 52.57 MORE INFO
Visit a Correos branch. Please note that this service is not available at all our branches. Check beforehand which Correos branch in your province offers this service and take all the corresponding documentation with you. 
Receive your process request by e-mail or hard copy.
Receive the new registration certificate. 

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Branches - Important! This service is not available at all our branches.

These are the approved branches where you can process the change of ownership of your vehicle:

  • Branch 29 in Madrid. Address: Calle de Arturo Soria, nº189. 28043, Madrid.
  • Branch 22 in Barcelona. Address: Avenida Mistral, nº44, 08015, Barcelona.
  • Main Correos Office in Murcia. Address: Plaza Circular, nº8, Murcia. 8
  • Main Correos Office in Logroño. Address: Calle Once de junio, nº1, 26001, Logroño.  

Circumstances under which we cannot process your request:

  • Change of vehicle service
  • Vehicle renting
  • Change of ownership following inheritance or donation
  • Judicial award or auction
  • Buying and selling in possession of the vehicle
  • Existence of co-owners, when selling the vehicle
  • Vehicle transfer from Ceuta, Melilla and the Canary Islands to Mainland Spain and the Balearic Islands, and vice-versa.


The Change of Vehicle Ownership process must be completed whenever any motor vehicle is bought or sold. This is the legal process by which the buyer formally notifies the Traffic Authority about the new individual who owns the vehicle. In other words, the Traffic Authority must have a record of the transfer of ownership from one person to another. Depending on the type of vehicle,  there are two different procedures:

  • Change of vehicle ownership
  • Change of moped ownership

Remember that this service can only be provided at the branches indicated above!

Don’t forget your ID! We will be unable process the change of ownership for your vehicle if you do not present your original ID document at our branch.


You should be aware that:

  • A registration certificate is required. If you do not have one, it may be possible to present a statement of liability for theft or loss. This should not be given to the buyer but rather kept by the seller in their name.
  • Expired documents cannot be used! We will be unable to process the request if the ID documents you present have expired or the photocopies are not officially stamped by a competent public authority.
  • Once the request is processed, it cannot be cancelled.
  • The registration must be linked to the ID document of the seller.
  • Naturally, you have the option to consult any possible notes with the Traffic Authority (DGT) whenever you need to.
  • Invoice showing the VAT.


If the change of ownership is being requested by the buyer of the vehicle and they are a private individual:

1.       Documento Oficial de Identificación (DOI) original

2.      Permiso de circulación del vehículo

3.       Document supporting the transfer (invoice).

4.       Documentation accrediting the identity of the person requesting the service

  •  Spanish driver’s licence
  • Residency card
  • Passport + Foreign Citizen ID Nº

5.       Photocopy of the ID document of the seller

6.       Electoral register certificate. When it does not match the one held by DGT or on the ID document.


If this service is being requested by someone other than the buyer of the vehicle:

  1.  Authorisation signed by the buyer to process the change of vehicle ownership on their behalf. This authorisation must expressly state that the process is entirely free for the seller; i.e. it should state that the seller is not being charged by the authorised individual to complete this process.
  2.  The authorised person will need to accredit their identification by presenting the same documentation as the owner.


Tax details:

1. Private sale

  • Contract of sale.
  • Evidence to show payment of the Capital Transfer Tax (ITP)  in the autonomous region of residence.
  • Electronic Transfer Code (CET).


How do we process the change of ownership of your vehicle or moped?

Once we receive all the corresponding documentation, we send you the request form with all the information. You can choose how you want to receive this: by e-mail or hard copy.

We will also produce a Provisional Registration Certificate that is valid for 30 days. This document enables the buyer to drive the vehicle until they receive the new registration certificate.


Change of ownership for vehicles:

o   The price of this service is € 80.15 (including VAT), of which € 55.15 correspond to the fee charged by the DGT for the service and € 25.00 to processing costs for Correos.

Change of ownership for mopeds:

The price of this service is € 52.57 (including VAT), of which € 27.57 correspond to the fee charged by the DGT for the service and € 25.00 to processing costs for Correos.