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Become a vendor and expand your business If you have a business in Spain and would like to sell your products throughout the country, become a vendor in our marketplace. It’s very easy and doesn’t require any investment or risk, just follow these steps and we’ll take care of everything else at Correos. I WANT TO SELL
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No sales commission

Sell your physical products without paying a sales commission or management fees.

Business visibility

With Correos Market, your products can be sold throughout Spain and Portugal.

Integration with the logistics infrastructure of the Correos Group

We offer adapted shipments and solutions that include product storage, shipment preparation and other value added services.

Correos Market

How does our marketplace work: information and terms

Admissions criteria

Correos Market is the marketplace committed to selling only products from Spanish companies. In order to support the Spanish business fabric, all vendors must be authorised individuals or legal entities, be registered for the economic activity in which they engage and have a Spanish CIF or NIF tax code.

Vendors must comply with the current health (food, drink and cosmetics) and labour regulations (every category).

Guaranteeing the well-being of the Correos Market community is one of our priorities. That’s why we reserve the right to audit, veto or cease the commercial activity of any vendor that does not meet the necessary requirements or is deemed contrary to the general values upheld by the Correos Group based on their activity, content or identity.


Our goal is to help you  take your business to the next level. We want to work shoulder-to-shoulder with you and ensure your orders are delivered with the utmost care and punctuality.

We do everything in our power to ensure a seamless delivery process. With that in mind, order deliveries will take place from Monday to Friday (excluding public holidays), throughout Spain with the Paq Premium or Paq Estándar service, as chosen by the buyer.

The end customer will have access to various delivery options: to their home, to a Correos branch or to a CityPaq locker. 

  • Home delivery: your customer will receive their order at their primary residence and we will notify them in advance of the delivery by SMS or e-mail. To this end, they must provide us with their address and they will be responsible for the accuracy and authenticity of the data provided. This service includes two delivery attempts. If delivery is not possible due to the size or weight of the package or the type of dwelling, it will be delivered to the street level main front door or to the nearest Correos branch after arrangements have been made with your customer in advance. Once at the branch office, the customer will have 15 working days to collect the package.
  •  To a Correos branch: your customer can pick up their order at the branch of their choice within 15 working days after receiving the delivery notification by SMS or e-mail.
  •  Delivery hours are from 09:00 to 21:00 Monday to Friday and from 09:00 to 14:00 on Saturdays.

How do we keep you informed about the status of your shipments? By using our tracking system, with which you can also consult the reasons for a return or delivery failure and the steps we have taken to resolve that situation.

If we were unable to delivery the package at the first attempt, don’t worry! A second delivery attempt will be made on the following day in major destinations or the day after next for deliveries to towns with fewer than 10,000 inhabitants.

Prices and payment methods

Prices of products are shown with VAT included. Any applicable price increases or discounts and additional costs will also be added. In this way, the customer will know the final price of the product before adding it to their shopping cart, as they will not have to assume any shipping costs.

Payment by filling out the payment form implies agreement with the price and the conditions of sale in place at that time, which cannot be modified without express agreement of both parties.

Payment methods will be debit or credit cards or PayPal and the charge that the customer will see on their card statement will be under the name Correos. Remember that occasionally there can be delays of up to 60 days in payment operations.

In the event that the customer wants an invoice for their purchase, at Correos, we will process their request and notify you so that you can issue it on time.

If you have no stock of a product purchased by a customer, you must inform Correos immediately of the lack of availability and we will refund the amount you would have paid.

Once payment has been authorised when placing an order by credit or debit card, the bank will hold the full amount of the order until you accept it. In the event that you have to cancel for any reason, the bank will not carry out the transfer and will release the corresponding amount back into the customer's account. This process can take between 3 and 5 calendar days, so the customer must accept that neither Correos nor the seller are responsible for any delay on behalf of the bank in releasing the amount back to their account.


At Correos Market, we want your potential customers to discover you and always remember you.  We have a trick up our sleeve to make sure that happens: your product file is no doubt the key to your success. You should pay attention to and take care of it because it will be your calling card and therefore the first point of contact between you and your customers. 

You just need to fill in the file template we will send you with the corresponding information so your customers know all the essential details about your product. The purpose of this file in general, but the description and photographs in particular, is to encourage users to purchase the product. Here is everything you need to know:

  •  The customer can add all the products and units they need to their basket. These products can be from different vendors. They have two purchase options: to shop as a guest or to log in to their account. Certain products will require them to create an account before they can be purchased.
  • The customer will need to provide their details precisely so that shipments are delivered without incident. They must also read the information and tick the corresponding box because their data will be added to our database. This will enable us to process the order and proceed with delivery.
  • Once the customer has completed these steps, all they will need to do is confirm their order and pay by credit card, debit card or PayPal. 
  • Once the transaction has been confirmed, the customer will receive an e-mail within 24 hours telling them whether the order has been confirmed and payment will be charged according to the method agreed upon at the time of purchase. If the order is confirmed, the customer will receive another e-mail with a description of the products purchased and the order number that guarantees that the purchase has been made successfully. Otherwise, if the customer does not receive this e-mail, it may be due to a possible network failure or an error at the indicated e-mail address. In either case, Correos recommends that customers get in touch with us 
  •  If the customer is already registered, the order will be saved in their Private Area, the Merchant Portal.  They can access this platform whenever they need to by using the username and password created when they registered. If the customer is not registered, no problem, we will send the order number and tracking details to the e-mail address indicated during the purchase, so they can locate it at all times.

We manage your sales in real time! Whenever your customers make a purchase, we will send you a notification e-mail so you can get to work preparing the orders.

Important! Always keep your product stock listings up to date because this will let you manage your orders correctly and ensure a perfect shopping experience for your customers. Furthermore, the Merchant Portal will let you manage the products purchased by each customer and generate the shipping labels so that orders can move to the collection stage.


At Correos Market, we like to be flexible so we therefore offer vendors the option to set their own returns policy. Whenever such situations arise, we will put the end customer in touch with the vendor in question so they can find the best returns solution together. 

Nonetheless, it is important to remember that current legislation states that customers cannot return the following products:

  • Food items that can perish or expire quickly.
  • Sealed products that have been opened upon delivery and cannot be returned for hygiene reasons.
  •  Customised items when the customer was able to amend the original product somehow by adding a unique and personalised feature, such as adding a name or including a photograph. 

The vendor must also accept the obligations stemming from the Consumer Law by offering customers the option to void the contract by notifying the other party within 14 calendar days from the day on which the order was delivered:

  • In the event that the customer has purchased several products in a single order and they have been delivered separately, the period shall commence on the day on which the customer received the last product.
  • If the customer returns the product without its original packaging, the reimbursement paid to them may be less than the amount paid during the purchase.
  • If the vendor has not received payment from Correos for an order that the customer wants to return, they will need to contact Correos. We will reimburse the customer for the amount paid for their purchase. 


One of the most important things that consumers want to know when buying something is who they should contact when there is a problem. 

Any disputes arising through Correos Market will be resolved between the customer and the vendor directly, based on the necessary protocol to detect any improper use of the purchase or return processes.

If the vendor and the customer are considered as a business owner and a consumer under (EU) Regulation 524/2013 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 21 May 2013, the European Commission provides an online out-of-court dispute settlement platform that customers can use to submit their claims.


Correos will not be held responsible for:

  • The customer's breach of any applicable rules when accessing Correos Market or in the use of information on the website.
  • The illegitimate use of third parties acting as the brands of the products that appear in Correos Market.
  • The use of information provided by sellers.
  • Actions and failures of third party service providers, regardless of their contractual link with Correos.
  • Service interruptions due to errors caused by access providers, possible faults in the network, or problems with the computer system, connection or browsing software, telephone connection, ADSL, cable, satellite or any other communications infrastructure.
  • Changes caused by voluntary or involuntary interference due to misuse: viruses, server crashes, file deletion, damage to the database, fire, explosions, floods, violent actions of third parties, electrical issues (excess or lack of power), or anything that affects the function of servers and the information stored in them.
  • Customer server crashes due to excessive use or misuse, external attacks, hardware or software failures and similar issues.
  • Errors caused by the problems with the server.
  • Failure to communicate a change of e-mail address to Correos The seller will be responsible for providing this information in good time to avoid committing negligence.
  • Circumstances beyond the control of Correos, including the accidental loss of information, deterioration of the seller’s terminal equipment through misuse, as well as errors or defects in the customer's configuration and similar issues.
  • Damages of any kind that the seller or third parties may suffer, caused by errors, disconnection of telecommunication networks or causes attributable to third-party service providers.
  • Any incidents caused by products advertised in Correos Market, which are the seller’s full responsibility.
  • Delay or failure to meet delivery times for reasons beyond the control of Correos. This provision does not affect the rights of the customer to receive their order in the estimated delivery time, or the corresponding refund in the event that the seller could not provide the order in the agreed period. Thus, the responsibility corresponds exclusively to the seller.
  • No seller discounts, actions, products and content.

How to join Correos Market in four easy steps

Send us your form: let us know that you want to join Correos Market 
We get in touch with you: we will contact you to arrange the perfect partnership agreement for you. 
Sign your contract: once we have agreed on the ideal terms of your contract, all you need to do is sign on the dotted line. 
 Start selling: that’s it! After signing the contract, you can start processing orders from your computer! It’s time to start selling.

Frequently asked questions

What is Correos Market?

It is the platform created by Correos to raise the profile of local producers in rural areas nationwide and to encourage local consumption, reducing middlemen to offer local varieties anywhere in the country.

How can I sell on Correos Market?

All traditional producers who sell products manufactured or processed in Spain can sell on Correos Market. Just fill in the form on this page. After completing the form, a Correos agent will contact you with all the information you need to start the commercial process.

Do any delivery costs apply?

The producers who sell on Correos Market will sign a parcel service contract (if they are not customers already) to make deliveries via Correos branches.

Can I delivery to any part of Spain?

Products from Correos Market can be sent to any part of Spain and Portugal. We are working to continue bringing this service to neighbouring countries.

How long will the order take?

Producers have 48 hours to make the delivery from when an order is received. From then, they will arrive within the deadlines applicable to PaqPremium (24 to 48 hours).

My products require a cold chain. Can I sell on Correos Market?

Products that can withstand the delivery deadlines for PaqPremium (24-48 hours) without deteriorating in suitable packaging can be sold on Correos Market. Correos does not provide refrigerated transport.

Any questions? Let us know!

Call us on 915 197 197. Monday to Friday (except public holidays) from 10:00 to 18:00.

Send us a message and we will reply within 24 hours