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Get your delivery ready and contact your sales manager to validate your periodical publication.  
Come visit us at your nearest Correos Post Office or one of our Admissions Centres.
Deposit the periodical publication along with the relevant delivery note. 

Product information


This service may only be used by publishers and distribution companies that have received previous authorisation from Correos Commercial Services.

“Periodical Publications” include only newspapers or daily press, as well as general information or specialised publications: technical, scientific, professional, or targeted at a specific audience.

Each publication must have its own authorisation and, to achieve this, must meet the requirements set by Correos:

Depending on the content of the publication text:

  • Same title on each copy.
  • Texts and articles with diverse content.
  • Advertising must not account for more than 2/3 of the total content (including inserts).
  • Pages must be numbered.

Depending on the regularity of the publication:

  • Minimum frequency: quarterly.
  • Minimum annual print run: 1,000 copies.

Conditions required from publishers and distribution companies:

  • Must have been published and printed in Spain or any other country in the European Union.
  • Must have an ISSN, NIPO or legal deposit number printed on it.

Depending on the content, the publication may be accompanied by:

  • Supplements: a special section added with the same theme as the publication.
  • Inserts: page or set of pages that may be separate from or form part of the publication but with a different format. Their content is usually of an advertising or promotional nature and they may include product samples. The number of inserts per publication is unlimited, as long as it does not exceed 2/3rds of its content when added to the other advertising in it. Inserts will always be the same size or smaller than the publication.
  • Sample sachet: single-use sample, which must be stuck to the publication or insert. No more than 3 samples per publication, they must be smaller than the publication or insert, weigh less than 50 g, and be a maximum of 5 mm thick.

Delivery details

You choose your perfect packaging. Of course, the size must fit these measurements:


  • Envelope or box: Length + Height + Width = 90 cm, with no measurement being more than 60 cm.


  • Envelope or box: 14 x 9 cm.


And it should not weigh more than 2 kg!


Now you just have to tell us where you would like us to send it:


  • Zone A*: items posted to a local destination, provincial capitals, places with a General Post Office and towns with over 50,000 inhabitants specified by Correos.
  • Zone B: other destinations.

International :

  • Zone 1: Europe, including Greenland.
  • Zone 2: other countries where this service is available.


And Correos will take care of delivery:

  • Items up to 800 g will be left in the post box or letterbox at the home address of the recipient.
  • For items over 800 g, we will leave a notice slip at the delivery address so that the recipient can pick it up from their nearest Correos Post Office. However, you can request home delivery by signing up for the additional “Item Home Delivery” service.


And you must take into account a series of requirements:

  • Minimum of 50 copies per shipment, including those sent to national and international recipients.
  • Small quantities of these items can be brought to any Correos Post Office. For mass deliveries, go to Correos' Mass Acceptance Unit in your province.
  • Only publishers and distribution companies that have received previous authorisation from Correos Commercial Services may use the “Periodical Publications” post rate. Authorisation will be granted for each newspaper or magazine title, once we have checked they meet the requirements to be classified as periodical publication post.
  • The conditions of these deliveries must allow for their content to be verified.
  • Sealed items in envelopes should bear the phrase “Para inspección postal abrir aquí” (Open here for postal inspection) on one of the flaps.
  • Plastic packaging may be accepted, provided the back has an opaque or white strip where indelible printed or hand-written text can be applied.

Delivery times

At Correos, we guarantee we will deliver your item as quickly as possible:

Spain: in 4 calendar days, in 90% of cases. For items posted before 16:00 in offices which open in the afternoon, or 14:30 in offices opening in the morning.


  • Europe: 3 to 8 calendar days, depending on origin and destination.
  • Other destinations: depending on the country.


If you would like us to make you a personalised offer, leave your contact details in this form.