Tourist agents

From Correos to anywhere in the world.

We know that tourism is important and that's why we offer a wide range of products designed for this sector, to accompany tourists on their travels and help then share their experience with anyone they wish to, wherever they are. 

With our Tourist Agents service, Correos offers a vast network of authorised establishments dotted around the country’s main tourist areas. These companies are experts in the tourism sector and have the technical and organisational capacity needed to offer this service with full guarantees. 

This promotion and sales activity by our Agents is always backed by Correos by installing post boxes specially designed to cover sector needs, and supplying leaflets, bags and official stamps that promote national tourism at each establishment.

So thanks to our Tourist Agents, tourists can purchase our official stamps and send their letters and postcards anywhere in the world, or easily recover their goods if they left something at their accommodation. 

They just have to place their item in one of our post boxes and we’ll make sure it reaches its destination, whether in Spain or abroad. 

Stamps on the letter or postcard must meet the following requirements:

• They indicate the country of issue: Spain.

• They indicate the issuing institution: Correos.

• Size: 40.9 x 28.8 mm / 24.5 x 35 mm.

• Letter “Ñ” in the lower right corner of the stamp.

• Certified printing by the FNMT on the imprint.

• Price of the stamp in €or a letter showing the postage rate.

• Contains a phosphorescent watermark on the paper or in the printing inks.


Furthermore, the postage value must be numeric, expressed in euros or with a letter, and with up to four types of rates depending on the destination:

• Rate A: for a “standard” letter or postcard within Spain, up to 20 g.

• Rate A2: for a “non-standard” ordinary letter or postcard within Spain, up to 50 g.

• Rate B: for a "standard” ordinary international letter or postcard addressed to Europe (including Greenland), up to 20 g.

• Rate C: for a “standard” ordinary international postcard addressed to the rest of the world, up to 20 g.

You can also see our rates if you need more information.

List of Tourist agents