Bill collection

Maximum convenience and security for your customers’ payments.

Product information


We receive payment for the bills issued by businesses at any of our computerised branches. Once the bill is received, the person pays straight away and at Correos we validate the bill mechanically.

As a business, you’ll receive details of the bills paid in all our branches on a daily basis, as provided for in AEB Standard 57. The business also decides if payments are made fortnightly or monthly. 

  • Convenient: available throughout office hours, unlike the restricted times imposed by most banks.
  • Nearby: Correos has more than 2,400 computerised branches, all over the country.
  • Efficient: the details of the bill are read automatically by an optical barcode reader, eliminating errors. Don’t forget, you don’t need to bring the hard copy bill to our branches! If the customer gives us a reference, our system gives us the amount to be paid.
  • Guaranteed: expand your business and ensure your customers have bill payment branches nearby, without the need to search for other agreements with other financial bodies.
  • Flexible: your customers can pay at any of our branches, and do not have to be in the same region as the company issuing the bill.


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