Tarjeta Prepago Correos Empresas

Save time and money while boosting convenience with the Tarjeta Prepago Correos Empresas, the solution you need for your business.

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The Tarjeta Prepago Empresas offers numerous advantages that simply boost your management options. You decide how much money your employees can use, what they can spend it on and you can receive alerts on their activity (spending limit, use overseas, card blocks, etc.).

Your team will be able to pay wherever they want, even with Google and Apple Pay very soon. However, these cards provide increased security. Guaranteeing security for your business is a priority for us. 

Every time one of your employees uses their card, they can receive a notification in the app on their mobile so they upload a photo of the receipt and tag the expenditure. It’s that easy! From then on, the full report on their activity will be accessible instantly. Having everything under control no longer needs to be a hassle.

However, efficacy will be what you notice the most when including this card in day-to-day business. Organisation and foresight are key to any good business, but we know that not everything can be predicted. You will be able to schedule your activity and if you don’t... it doesn’t matter! Your card top-ups are immediate. 

We don’t suggest you work less but rather that you work better. You already have a thousand other things to be doing. Let your cards do the work for you in terms of spending with scheduled actions and automatic notifications. Forget about having to make notes all the time and enjoy easy access to all your payment information in one place. Saving time and streamlining your finances is the dream