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Register for Buzón Digital to start sending your documents.
Configure your Communication Channel and the subscription that users wishing to receive your communications will activate.
Send all the communications you need and track their status on the website at any time.

Product information


Correos Buzón Digital adapts to your business needs, facilitating and simplifying the tasks of sending digital documents to your customers, whether single or mass mailings, over a more secure, modern, simple and convenient communications channel, without the need to integrate into any external system.

You only have to register your business as a Sender on the platform to start creating secure, private and confidential communications channels with your customers, given that Buzón Digital content is only accessible with a subscription. Each Sender can set up as many communication channels or subscriptions as they need.

In the event that your business is a large corporation, we offer the opportunity to send your mailing automatically, on a mass scale, from your corporate systems by integration and once a contract has been signed with Correos:

  • API for Senders
  • API for mailings
  • API for mailing traceability

Before communications can be sent, the platform ensures validation of the communications channel by signing a contract or using a system of invitations and obtaining consent from each recipient.

When you are a Sender you can send all kinds of documents, such as invoices, pay slips or magazines which are automatically classified into personalised files in your Buzón Digital, automatically ordered and available so that your customers can access them from anywhere.

You will also have a traceability service which allows you to analyse the mailings sent by date, to know how many were received and how many were read.

Furthermore, Buzón Digital will soon offer the possibility for Senders to enable two-way communications with their customers, so they can answer the mailings sent, including text and attaching new documents.

The electronic document signature will be included so that your customers can return the policies or contracts you send them signed.

And sending and receiving certified documentation will be possible using electronic communications with legal validity.


This service offers the following mailing vouchers (not including taxes) so you can choose the one that best meets your needs:

  • 100 deliveries voucher: €32
  • 300 deliveries voucher: €90
  • 1,000 deliveries voucher: €280
  • 3,000 deliveries voucher: €780

For large corporations, this service is provided by signing a contract with Correos. Before doing so, we submit a personalised offer depending on the estimated volume of mailings. 

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