SMS campaign

Just one click away from increasing your sales


€ 72.60

Why with Correos

Because we offer you direct communication with your customers via an SMS to boost your online sales:

Immediate action: it is one of the most effective ways to communicate with your customers.
High open rate: 90% of the SMS messages are read within 3 minutes of receiving them.
Relationship between effectiveness and price: meaning a high ROI since very little investment is required.
Effectiveness of the action: if there is a good customer database
More convenient: customers consider it to be a very unobtrusive channel.
Personalized: you can adapt your messages and configure your communications to match each user’s profile, including information specially for them.

Product information


  • The message: must be relevant to the recipient since they will receive it on their mobile phone.Make sure that what you want to say is important and beneficial to them
  • The opportunity and presentation: choosing the right moment to introduce yourself is as important as the message itself. For the first deliveries, and especially if it is not a regular client, remember to put the name of your company in both the message itself and in the sender information. We recommend that you always send the SMS campaign between Monday and Friday and during the day so as not to be bothersome.
  • Short and concise, but with a friendly tone: add exclamation marks, emojis, or a greeting to make the message friendlier, taking the fact that it must be short and pleasant into account. Use the name of the person or the company receiving the message if you know it because this very personal gesture can make all the difference.
  • The voucher and the offer always in capital letters: these must stand out in your promotion so that they are recognised at a glance.
  • Choose the key words of the message: think about the message you want to communicate, choose 2 or 3 key words and write a message including these words.
  • Always respect the recipient’s wishes: ensure that the user is able to unsubscribe because it is important that they feel they can stop receiving your messages whenever they want to.
  • Provide them with more information: create your own landing page to be able to communicate everything you need to in just a few characters and add the link in the main body of the SMS. That way, the user can find out more about your business should they wish to.


Check our rates, Correos offers the best ones.

  • 1,000 items: €60
  • 3,000 items: €140
  • 5,000 items: €210
  • 10,000 items: €400

The SMS messages must be sent within a year of contracting the service and in a maximum of 3 deliveries.