Publicorreo Plus

Capitalise on your campaigns and promote your business with personalised shipments.



Why with Correos?

Because we offer you the ideal way to launch an omnichannel customer acquisition or loyalty campaign to position your products or services and make you stand out from your competitors.

Multi-support campaigns that make your communications more effective, providing the platforms to enable your message to also reach your customers via email and SMS.
Geopositioning of your customers , whether they are businesses or consumers, according to demographic and socioeconomic variables.
Capitalise fully on your campaigns when you promote your business with personalised elements and previous knowledge of the costs. 
Identify key opportunities with a large number of decision variables and the best national databases for contacting companies and the self-employed at your disposal.
Maximum delivery guarantee since we have the general-address contact information of all the households in the country.
Improve contact with your customers because we record the campaign returns, allowing us to keep your database up to date.

How does Publicorreo Plus work?

Choose your target audience or we standardise the contact addresses, depending on which option you choose.
We distribute your deliveries and provide the platforms for your multi-support campaigns. The size of the delivery cannot exceed 23 x 23 x 2 cm.
We provide feedback on the campaign and send you all the information about returns.