Publicorreo premium

Only your imagination sets the limit.

Why with Correos

Because we offer you the perfect way to raise the profile of your brand among your customers in a direct, impactful, and creative manner.

Greater flexibility in terms of format, colour and weight, making for a bigger impact on your customers while strengthening their relationship with your brand.
Creativity and originality of your shipments, surprising your current customers and encouraging their loyalty.  
Acquire new customers with unique advertising shipments that will capture their attention from the start.
Maximum delivery guarantee. If delivery cannot be made on the first attempt, we will let your customer know when and from which branch they can collect the shipment.
Make your business stand out from your competitors with direct promotional or sales marketing shipments that are a little bit different.
Maximum convenience for your business, because at Correos we take care of everything. 

How does Publicorreo Premium work?

Prepare your shipment in batches of 50 to 100 items with “Publicorreo Premium” stamped on it.
The size of the items for shipment cannot exceed a total of 90 cm nor be smaller than 9 x 14 cm. The maximum permitted weight per item is 2 kg.
Bring your shipment to any Correos branch or to a shipment unit if it is a bulk remittance. 
 Your item will reach the recipients within 2 to 4 working days after depositing it.

Product information

You choose your perfect packaging. Of course, the size must fit these measurements:


  • Envelope or box: Length + Height + Width = 90 cm, with no measurement being more than 60 cm.
  • Roll or tube: Length + twice the diameter = 104 cm, with no measurement exceeding 90 cm.



  • Envelope or box: 14 x 9 cm.
  • Roll or tube: Length + twice the diameter = 17 cm, with no measurement being less than 10 cm.

If you want to send something smaller, don't worry, you just have to add a 10 x 7 cm label with the address and postage.

And it should not weigh more than 2 kg!

These shipments will always be posted as standard post and can be one of the following types:

  • Open: provided they can be manually processed and handled.
  • Closed: provided their packaging enables our staff to check their content to confirm that the items comply with the features expected of this product, and especially during the admission process.
  • With plastic packaging: provided it is authorised by Correos’ Commercial Services.

The packaging must be sufficient to ensure safe transport of the contents and the Pre-Paid Postage box on the outside of it must be marked “Publicorreo Premium”.