Your advertising in everybody’s mailbox.

Why with Correos?

Because we are unique in offering a quality service that really does reach the mailboxes of each and every recipient.

Optimize your campaign thanks to the geomarketing solutions we offer to maximise the result of your communication.
Improve your business communications with reliable, quality shipments.
Cost savings during campaign development.
Make your business stand out from competitors by achieving wider distribution. 
Maximum convenience for your business, because at Correos we take care of everything. 

How does Publibuzón work?

Prepare your shipment in batches of 25, 50 or 100 items either as they stand or in a sealed envelope marked "For postal inspection open here".
Indicate the weight of each printout (maximum unit weight of 100 g), the drop off point for the shipments and the number of copies to be distributed.
Bring your shipment to any Correos Post Office or to a shipment unit if it is a bulk remittance. 
The recipients will find your advertising in their mailbox within 2 to 6 calendar days of it being left for shipment. 

Additional services

Selection of urban sectors for distribution

Define the delivery of your campaign by arranging this service. You can ask for your mailings to be delivered in a specific area of the town, based on geographical criterion.