Correos Data

Your most effective campaigns with Correos databases

Why with Correos?

Because we offer you a wide range of databases adapted to your target customers and the type of advertising campaign you want to launch,

Avoid returns of your product by amending and standardising your customers’ databases when you carry out your campaigns. 
Maximum guarantees for the delivery of your campaigns thanks to our various indicators and segmentation variables which simplify your selection.
Identify your target customers by selecting the profile of the end consumers when you know their behaviour. 
Select the target customers most akin to your business using the available segmentation criteria. 
Attract potential clients who are genuinely interested through  personalised business communications and strategies
Improve the relationship with your clients and generate greater engagement by approaching them personally.  
Optimise your sales and distribution by analysing the market with your data at post code level. 

What does Correos Data offer?

Business to Business (B2B): we facilitate contact with companies, self-employed people and professionals in 10 different countries depending on the profile of the customer you want to target. 
Business to Consumer (B2C): we select the end users to target your campaigns at with maximum delivery guarantees.
Authorised databases (Permission Marketing): we personally contact the consumers and companies that best match your business with the aim of establishing better relations with customers and generating engagement. 
Postcode databases: created and updated by Correos.They contain the only official data on the market and include all the postcodes in Spain and their links with city and town organisations throughout the country. You can choose from the Basic, Plus or Cartographic Overlay options. 

Product information

Postcode database prices:

The initial contract period is one year; After this time, it can be renewed for further one-year periods.

  • With updates: your PIN will give you access to updated information for 1 year and you will be able to do up to four updates.
  • Without updates: your PIN will give you access for 1 month from signing the contract, and you will be able to access the latest postcode database version at the time of the contract.

The charges and means of payment for postcode databases in each case is as follows:

  • Postcode database without updates: €687.44.
  • Postcode database with updates: €845.
  • Postcode Cartographic Overlay without updates: €5,000
  • Postcode Cartographic Overlay with updates: €5,800

30% discount on all these products when you renew every year!


  • Mainland Spain and Balearic Islands: 21% VAT
  • Canary Islands: 7% IGIC tax
  • Ceuta and Melilla: 9% IPSI tax in Ceuta and 4% in Melilla

The postcode database usage rights can not be ceded to third parties, relicensed or transferred to another company or person. Neither can this database be used on the Internet when the application into which it is integrated is a postcode search engine the same as or similar to the one on the Correos website.