Correos Target

We find your target customers to achieve your aims.

Why with Correos?

At Correos, we select the most appropriate target customers for your brand using analytical and segmentation techniques, which will enable you to better launch your communication campaigns and maximise their performance

Data processing by means of variable analysis , selecting the registers that best represent your target customers, whether your activity is directed at consumers or companies. 
Segmentation techniques that maximise the effectiveness of your marketing, improving loyalty ratios, increasing sales and attracting customers to your premises.
Geomarketing, which accurately locates your customers, subsidiaries and competitors on a map with the aim of identifying the most strategic points of sale and designing the most profitable marketing routes.  
Optimization of the investment in marketing actions, thanks to greater knowledge of the market, enabling you to analyse the business potential of each area, focus your efforts on certain segments, and determine the area of influence of your brand on the population.  
Quality auditof the information available in your databases, with the aim of offering a service that eliminates your business shortfalls and guides you in decision-making to maximise your performance .
The perfect solution to increase the precision of your marketing campaigns, increase your current customers’ loyalty, and identify your target customers and potential market in a certain area.
We find and select your target customers by means of segmentation.
We analyse and audit the quality of the information in your databases.
We help you find out where your target customers are and identify the potential market at whom your business communications are aimed. 
We improve your Optimum Publicorreo or Premium and Publibuzón campaigns.

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The rate for this service is €100 per hour of analysis, although this can vary depending on how complex the study is.

  • Mainland Spain and Balearic Islands: 21% VAT
  • Canary Islands: 7% IGIC tax
  • Ceuta and Melilla: 9% IPSI tax in Ceuta and 4% in Melilla