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Basic Postcode Database:

This is the official database created and updated by Correos, containing all the postcodes in Spain and Andorra.

  • Contract options:
    • With three-monthly updates: € 845 (download keys for 365 days).
    • Without three-monthly updates: € 687.44 (download keys for 30 days).
  • Renewal; 30% discount after the first year.
  • Structure: files (.txt) that combine the Town level and the Street Map level.
  • Content: the 104 municipalities of multiple postcodes are sectioned
  • Public sources: single postcode towns have the 5-digit INE code (Municipal level).
  • Sociodemographic information: not included

Enhanced Postcode Database:

This is the postcode database that incorporates socioeconomic and territorial indicators to help you manage your marketing strategies.

What's more, the content has been expanded and usability improved with a new structure of tables that facilitates implementation in your company’s information systems.

  • Contract options:
    • With three-monthly updates: € 1,820 (download keys for 365 days).
    • Without three-monthly updates: € 1,600 (download keys for 30 days).
  • Renewal; 30% discount after the first year.
  • Structure: Excel file with 5 windows. The master table contains the link with all the towns and their postcodes.
  • Content: 203 multiple postcode municipalities with more than 36,000 inhabitants are sectioned, improving your address autocomplete processes
  • Public sources: single postcode towns have the 11-digit INE code (Urban Centre or Isolated Dwellings) indicating the hierarchical INE information for each locality.
  • Localities Versionero: contains the different names and native languages of the localities. What's more, it includes the Correos versionero of localities generated from the historical deliveries.
  • Postcode indicators: sociodemographic, economic and territorial information that will allow you to design your marketing strategies and grade your customers:
    • Estimated inhabitant data and mean age.
    • Surface areas and residential weight.
    • Average income and spending of the family units.
    • Businesses located by postcode.
    • Estimated proportions of the sizes of the companies.
    • Percentage of self-employed people-

Cartographic Overlay

The Correos Cartographic Overlay shows the spatial boundaries for all Postcodes, enabling locations to be found according to the INE. 

You can gain unique knowledge of the territory by means of standardising and delimiting the industrial estates, geographical features and roads, thanks to Correos's daily commitment to improving and updating them.

It is a geographical representation of all the postcodes in the country, containing vectorial data for high quality maps with a suitable level of detail for technological developments.

This is because it is developed from the list of postcodes and their relation with the addresses and the urban centres. An information key to generate the postcode polygons that make up the Overlay.

This product can be implemented in any geomarketing tool, which is hugely useful when georeferencing and carrying out spatial analyses based on postcodes.

  • With three-monthly updates: € 5,800 (download keys for 365 days).
  • Without three-monthly updates: € 5,000 (download keys for 30 days).

If you want to obtain the best results for your company and get ahead of your competitors, the Overlay and the postcode Plus database are the ideal solution to design the strategies needed to grow your business, thanks to the knowledge of the market that will provide you with socioeconomic indicators associated with postcodes.

What’s more, the representation in maps will allow you to recognise market opportunities, avoid canibalisation, design and restructure your distribution routes and maximise the impact of your direct marketing actions:

  • It includes Postcode Markers: sociodemographic, economic and territorial information that will allow you to design your marketing strategies and rate your customers (the same as those included in the PC PLUS DB product). Digital Map 1:25,000 BCN25) of the Spanish National Geographic Institute.
  • Graphic entity type FID identifier for internal use in ArcMap
  • Graphic Entity type shape identifier for internal use in ArcMap
  • COD POSTAL postcode of the polygon it is in and generated by Correos.
  • Cartographic system used ETRS89, could be distributed in WGS84.
  • Orthophoto of the National Plan of Aerial Orthophotos (PNOA).
  • File created with ArcMap 10.3.

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Basic Postcode Database:

  • Without three-monthly updates: €687.44
  • With three-monthly updates: €845

Postcode PLUS Database:

  • Without three-monthly updates: €1,600
  • With three-monthly updates: €1,820

Postcode Cartographic Overlay:

  • Without three-monthly updates: €5,000
  • With three-monthly updates: €5,800

Frequently asked questions

How can I contract the products?

There are several ways:

Via the Correos e-shop, without needing to sign a contract and speeding up the purchase.

At any of our branches.

Calling 902 197 197.

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What is the product user licence?

This is the document containing the requirements to be met by the contracting party to use the product:

  • The contract takes effect upon payment and lasts for one year.
  • To renew, simply inform Correos and follow the standard procedure.
  • The contracting party may only use the information to update their own database or to improve the quality of postal addresses in their systems.
  • The product may not be sub-licensed and a Post Code search tool cannot be built for access by users unrelated to the business of the contracting party.
  • The contracting party undertakes to encrypt and protect the information using suitable technical and security measures.

Is it important to renew the licence every year?

Correos collects all updates on new streets, extended sections, Post Code coverage changes and geopolitical changes every day, presenting them on a quarterly basis. The information varies considerably from one year to the next, so we recommend renewing the product.

What are the advantages of the Plus product over the Basic product?

It offers an updated structure and more content on the identification of towns/cities and their INE information.

It also includes socio-demographic indicators and a wide range of co-official and colloquial names for towns/cities.

What is the Cartographic Overlay used for?

It provides spatial boundaries for each Post Code, allowing adjustment to any kind of national political map. This is highly useful when geo-referencing and analysing spaces, producing heat maps or qualifying the national population.

What happens when the licence expires and I do not renew?

The information will become obsolete and out-of-date, meaning you will be unable to lodge any complaints with Correos. We would also cease providing support and advice.

Is any help or advice available?

By writing to, you have access to a team of qualified professionals for answering any questions related to the technology or features, registering incidents and receiving advice on the most suitable product for your company.