Campaign monitoring

Keep up to date on the development and status of your campaign.

Register in Mi Oficina. It’s quick, easy and free.
Select the “Campaign Monitoring” option.
Create your campaign or check previous campaigns.

Get information on the distribution progress of your mass advertising campaigns in our Delivery Units, and which have been sent with Publicorreo Óptimo, Premium or Publibuzón.

Our goal is to give you the best results with your direct marketing campaigns:

  • With feedback on the launch and completion of each campaign.
  • Items are posted as ordinary mail only.

This information does not entitle you to any compensation as campaigns are sent by ordinary mail.

To sign up to this service your campaigns much meet the following requirements:

  • You must be a Contract Customer.
  • Your campaigns must be mass and sent to national destinations.
  • Only for destination post codes with over 100 non-standard and 350 standard items (maximum 23.5 x 12 cm).

And Correos guarantees you will be sent all the information on your campaign:  

  • Date items are deposited at Correos.
  • When items are first received at the Post Codes. 
  • Delivery distribution progress.
  • We send detailed information for 6 calendar days from the day following deposit of items at Correos. You can find all other information by selecting the “More than 6 days” option.
  • The system automatically updates information at midnight on the day following delivery. 
  • The report can be exported in Excel or PDF.

So you can monitor the distribution of your campaigns, we have enabled a new Mi Oficina feature where you can obtain Campaign Monitoring Reports and upload complete information on:

  • Campaign name. 
  • Number of campaign items.
  • Weight per item.
  • Upload campaign image in JPG format.
  • Correos Acceptance Centre where items are deposited.
  • Date on which items will be deposited for acceptance. 
  • Detail no. of items per Post Code. 
  • You can upload this information manually or using a .txt file.

This service is available for campaigns with non-registered items with no code or identifier. To differentiate them in the Delivery Unit it is important that you campaigns are creative and your images eye-catching.

Please remember that if there are two campaigns active with the same creativity, they will be very hard to differentiate and Monitoring Information for both campaigns may be confused, giving distorted results. 

Finally, remember to follow the steps required to use this service:

  • Register your campaigns with the “Campaign Monitoring” tool. 
  • Mark the additional service “Campaign Monitoring” in the campaign delivery note and enter the campaign code in the tool. 
  • Consult your campaign distribution reports.