Information Collection Platform

Capture of custom information for Correos clients.

Why with Correos?

Adaptable: The features of the service allow clients to plan with Correos the campaigns that best adapt to their needs, either by reviewing the client’s database or capturing new records that meet the set requirements. 
Versatile: The type of information most in demand requires data capture on the ground, primarily from certain businesses. For example, capturing information on certain logos or brands, capacity details, meter readings or vehicle chassis numbers after arranging an appointment with the owner, business façade details, etc. We can also identify points of interest, road incidents, property monitoring, or even conduct in-person surveys which can then provide useful business statistics.
Useful: So Correos clients can keep their databases active, verified and updated, regardless of the type and goals.
Simple: Each client will have their own user portal. An intuitive space that is easy to navigate and can be used to consult information on all active campaigns. These campaigns will also have associated service orders and records used. From the platform, clients can consult and download the information capture results of each service order and any associated multimedia element.