Information on Returns

Improve how your deliveries are received with information on your returns.

Correos Commercial Services register your campaign in our systems (SICER) and send them for delivery. 
If delivery has not been possible, the postal worker will give details of the reason for the return in the relevant box (SGIE), scanning the OB code. 
SGIE creates a file with all the OB codes of deliveries returned and we will send them to you. 

This service works with OB codes, which can uniquely identify each record containing the recipients’ address in the Correos systems.

Our Comprehensive Delivery Management System (SGIE) generates a data file with all information added manually by postal workers on returned deliveries and we will send it to you by email, FTP or a file exchange website, depending on the frequency you sign up for and detailing the reason for the return if you so wish. 

To generate this file, your deliveries must contain these elements:

Box with reason for return: on the back so the postal worker can indicate the reason for the return at the time:

  • Unknown: the recipient is not known by the postal worker and their name is not indicated on the letter boxes. When the recipient field includes a company name and contact person, unknown means neither of the two are known.
  • Absent: the recipient (company or individual) can no longer be found at that address.
  • Insufficient address: delivery could not be completed due to missing information or an error in the address details. 
  • Incorrect address: when the full address or some details are incorrect and it is impossible to determine where to deliver the item. 
  • Rejected: delivery expressly rejected by the recipient.
  • Deceased: when the recipient is deceased, provided this information is available.
  • Not collected: the recipient has not collected the delivery from the Correos branch listed in the Delivery Notice left in the letter box by the postal worker.

OB Code: to identify the delivery address record, complying with the security standards provided for in the Data Protection Act. This always has Code 128 format and comprises 23 digits:

  • Product Code: always OB.
  • Labeller: the “Detailable Customer” option.
  • Campaign: two digits or letters to identify which campaign the return belongs to. These digits can differentiate two campaigns launched within a short period of time.
  • Delivery number: identifier of each record in the original file.
  • Post code: destination for each record.
  • Control digit: a control letter obtained using a formula involving the first 22 characters of the code.

Campaign control box: to identify campaigns that require returns to be recorded and sent to the client according to the process established.