Correos Add

Standardise and enrich your databases with Correos to optimise your business campaigns.

Why with Correos?

Because we are experts in converting the disorganised information in your databases into ordered, quality information.

Optimization of your campaigns thanks to improved deliveries. 
Contribute to preventing fraud
Enrich your databases with information that allows you to know your customer better
Improve your business communications with reliable, quality addresses.
Cost savings during campaign development.
Set yourself apart from your competitors and achieve greater diffusion.
Maximum convenience for your business, because at Correos we take care of everything. 

Do you want to know more?

Write to us at and we will make you a customised proposal.

What services does Correos ADD include?

Computerised address standardisation:Automated address processing to standardise addresses or remove duplicates in order to minimise mailing mistakes.

Manual address standardisation: Manual file processing to standardise addresses when the automated processes have been unable to improve the quality of the data.

Computerised enrichment of addresses: incorporation of the population and road INE codes, the census tract and the coordinate of the address of each record in the file to ensure the correct geopositioning of the record, which improves deliveries

Enriching with land registry computerization of the address: incorporation of all the standardised addresses that have been entered in the Land Registry, the information from the portal processed, always linked to a land registry reference which will act as an unambiguous identifier of the standardised address.

Customised information capture:: Correos has a national network of over 20,000 postmen and women who deliver in their areas every day. That way we acquire information both actively and passively: data, measurement, evaluation and survey data.  This service can be a new source of information for companies that want to do Facing audits, carry out coordinates acquisition and surveys in both companies and among individuals, update their database or do certifications and validations on both companies and households.

Frequently asked questions

What is computerised Normalización de Direcciones?:

It is a type of automatic file processing which standardizes different data from each of the records:

  • Address names: it links towns and roads, and adds essential statistical-type geographical information that facilitates the processes of identifying duplicates.
  • Post codes: it assigns or corrects the postcode corresponding to the standardised address.
  • Place names: it assigns or corrects the official name of the place where the standardised address is located.

It also detects repeated data on the file and deletes duplicates. It thereby consolidates the information on the database by means of grouping processes.

Before performing a standardisation process, the file to be standardised must be diagnosed, producing statistics that show the potential each file has to be standardised or enriched. This also provides a measure for the quality of the resulting data following a correction or enrichment process.

How does Correos ADD help to attract new customers?

Apart from organising your databases to optimize your sales campaigns, the Post Office gives you the chance to create a Landing Page, which will enable you to attract and generate leads to acquire potential clients’ records.

Users are normally offered an incentive in exchange, for example competitions, discount coupons, product samples or sales visits.

When the customer accesses the web page using a QR code, BIDI or link, their expectations, as generated by the advertising, must be met to capture the desired leads.

The most important factor is to motivate visitors to fill in the form, so the information on the landing page must be clear and of a good quality. Once users have completed the form, they will be sent an email thanking them, and the information collected will be recorded in a file so that you can start interacting with them.

What is operations?

The sales manager collects the information the customer has requested, and Correos Directo analyses the request. A customised sales proposal is then created to be presented to the customer.

Once the interested party has accepted the proposal, the time to delivery will vary depending on the complexity of the job:

  • Unsubscribe: 2 days.
  • Average: 3 days.
  • Registration: 5 days.

How much does this service cost?

The charge (before tax) will depend on the service provided and the volume of registrations to be processed. For files with fewer than 5,000 registrations:

  • Computerised Normalización de Direcciones: €0.02 / registration*.
  • Manual Normalización de Direcciones: €0.25 / registration*.
  • Computerised enriched addresses: €0.01 / registration*.
  • Customised data capture: customised quote.

We offer special prices depending on the volume of your database


  • Mainland Spain and Balearic Islands: 21% VAT
  • Canary Islands: 7% IGIC tax
  • Ceuta and Melilla: 9% IPSI tax in Ceuta and 4% in Melilla