Correos Sampling

A sample of your product to generate experience and show the quality of your brand.

Tailor-made budgets

Correos Sampling Tailor-made budgets YES PLEASE

Why with Correos?

Correos Sampling is the best showcase for your brand. We will help you connect with your current and potential customers and adapt to their needs so that they will stay by your side.

Personalised marketing: we deliver the samples of your product to the public you have selected, generating a unique experience. 
Strategic consultancy: we analyse user profiles to help you select your target audience and so maximise the ROI of your campaigns.
Opinion compilation: we send your product and compile your opinions so you can adjust your business strategy to what they want and expect from your brand. 
Increased sales: by means of publishing discount coupons that stimulate the purchase and attract new customers. 
Actions custom-made for your company: you choose when, where and how they will receive the sample of your product in their home so that each impact is high quality.
Increased audience: the opinions and recommendations of your customers will create an ever closer connection between your brand and other users, increasing your customer capture. 
Advice at every stage: we support you at every stage of your business strategy, providing customised solutions for your company. 

How to carry out an action with Correos Sampling.

We publish your product to raise the profile of your brand through Correos Sampling showcasing, where you will be able to introduce your product to over 200,000 users and invite then to try it by sending them a sample. We help you with its preparation and distribution.
Select your target audience from the more than 70 segmentation variables available or include specific questions in your project. We will select the optimum users for you.
We send the sample to target users through Correos’s logistics services to ensure that your brand reaches the homes of the best-matched users.
Publish your discount coupon to stimulate the purchase of your product and increase customer attraction. We will publish the promotion during the time period and with the download limit you decide. 

Get what you want

Thanks to Correos Sampling you will be able to carry out direct marketing actions adapted to your clients and your business, brand and product objectives, based on a micro-qualified consumer database, with more than 70 segmentation criteria available.