Legal and Administrative Notifications

With legal confirmation, a service exclusively for government bodies.

Additional services

Electronic Proof of Delivery (ePOD)

Digital recorded delivery receipt.

Delivery management

For customers with contracts.

Request additional management of a delivery or acceptance of a return. 

Classification of deliveries by area and postcode

For customers with contract.

Request this service to enable Correos to organise your deliveries by area and postcodes. This is an essential requirement for presenting correspondence in the bulk admission units. 

Request to return or modify the postal address

You can request the return, or modify or correct the postal address, of the item.

Third delivery attempt

For customers with contracts.

You can request this service for your most important deliveries.

Collect at home

For customers with contracts.

We collect your parcels from your address or warehouse. Availability depends on the volume of the delivery and the collection point.


Document digitisation

For customers with contracts.

Ask us to digitise receipts for delivered and undelivered items. We can also send scanned images, signed electronically with a digital certificate and time stamp.



For customers with contracts.

Request electronic tracking of your deliveries using the website or by exchanging files.


Request for reshipment from the sender

You can additionally request the reshipment of your items. The rate is charged per item sent, not per consignment, and if it takes the form of a telegram, you will have to pay the cost of the corresponding telegraph service.

Standardisation of postal addresses

For customers with contracts.

We optimise the quality of your addresses.



For recorded items, an additional delivery certification service is available, giving you legally valid proof of delivery to present to third parties. 
Register and see the Notifications of deliveries you send.
Register recipients manually or uploading a file with their addresses, and include the additional services you want as well.
Pay by bank card, PayPal or at any Correos Post Office.
Preview and print the labels or envelopes identifying your certified items, and the list of posted items. 

Product information

The size of the Notification must be as follows:


  • Envelope or box: Length + Height + Width = 90 cm, with no measurement being more than 60 cm.


  • Envelope or box: 14 x 9 cm.

If you want to send something smaller, don't worry, you just have to add a 10 x 7 cm label with the address and postage.

And it should not weigh more than 2 kg!


You only have to bring the Notifications to any of our Post Offices:

  • Before 16:00 in offices which open in the afternoon, or 14:30 in offices opening only in the morning.
  • Remember that the front of the item must bear a label identifying the product as "Notificación" (Notification), and below it, in smaller letters, the procedure in question (summons, request, resolution) and the words "Expediente núm..." (File no.) or any other information identifying the subject of the notification.
  • Each item will be identified with an adhesive label with a barcode.

Or send it to us as an electronic file:

  • You can choose from different senders and recipients for mass mailings.
  • There is also a document check to let you view, free of charge, on your own computer, the legal validation of the proof of delivery. This uses the Secure Validation Code (CSV) giving access to the electronically signed document so you can verify the integrity and authenticity of the signatures it contains and their respective time stamps.

Just tell us where you want us to deliver it, at Correos we take charge of taking it to its destination:

  • Delivery, signed for by the addressee or authorised person, throughout Spain of 93% of posted items in 3 working days.
  • For mass mailings, delivery times will be established by agreement with the client.

Our Administrative Notifications deliveries also comply with the requirements of the Public Bodies’ Common Administrative Procedure Act 39/2015:

  • Posted items must include a notice of receipt or PEE, to meet the requirement for legal confirmation of receipt,
  • Deliveries must have a second home delivery attempt at a different time from the first one. After two unsuccessful attempts, we keep the notifications available for an established period of 7 calendar days; We also leave an arrival notice in the addressee’s postbox, showing the Post Office, how long it will be kept for and information about the second delivery attempt.
  • A second delivery attempt will not be made if the Notification is rejected by the party concerned, or their representative, if the address is incorrect, or if the addressee is unknown, is deceased or there is any other reason making delivery impossible.
  • The Correos employee must always add their signature and identification number to the notice of receipt accompanying the notification, and the notice of arrival, if applicable.
  • All notifications have free-of-charge delivery control and tracking using our delivery tracker.