Paq Today

Don't put off until tomorrow what you can send today.


€ 22.45

Additional services

Electronic Proof of Delivery (ePOD)

Digital recorded delivery receipt.

Delivery to recipient only

The shipment can only be delivered to the intended recipient, and always after they have provided proof of identity. Delivery to entities, companies or third parties is not permitted, even with signed authorisation. There is the option to include two recipients.

Cash On Delivery

Receive payment for your shipments in a safe, simple, reliable way. At Correos, we reimburse you the amount paid by the recipient, which appears on the item.

Authorisation Prior to Delivery (APD)

Control your deliveries at all times. Block your shipment so that it is held automatically once it arrives at the delivery office or unit and unblock it when you want to authorise its delivery or return. 

Configurable delivery attempts

For customers with contracts.

Decide the number of home delivery attempts, up to 3. 

Time on waiting list

For customers with contracts.

Decide how long your delivery will be available for collection in the Correos Post Office, for a maximum of 30 days.

Collect at home

For customers with contracts.

We collect your parcels from your address or warehouse. Availability depends on the volume of the delivery and the collection point.



Even greater assurance for your most important documents and goods.
Choose your perfect packaging. We have a range of products available in our Online Shop and in all our Post Offices.
Prepare your shipment. Write your details and those of the recipient clearly in a visible place on the packaging and close it securely.
Come and see us. Visit Correos and ask to send a Paq Today or tell us where to collect itif you are a contract customer.

Product information


Paq Today is the ideal option for deliveries that cannot wait until tomorrow:

  • Immediate: take your parcel to one of our branches before 14:00. Tell us where to collect it before 13:00 if you are a contract customer*. We will deliver it between 15:00 and 21:00 on the same day. 
  • Guarantee: two home delivery attempts requiring signature in a guaranteed period. If delivery cannot be made, we will leave a notification in the postbox stating the Post Office where it can be collected within 15 days. If we do not meet the deadline, we will refund the charge paid.
  • Peace of mind: your delivery tracked at all times with delivery notification by SMS and/or email to the recipients. If you are a contract customer and want to ensure that your parcel reaches its destination, you can request management of incidents and feedback.
  • Local: for deliveries with origin and destination in the same province. Only available in provincial capitals.

Shipment details

You choose your perfect packaging. Of course, the size must fit these measurements:

Dimensions: maximum 39 x 39 x 29 cm.

Weight: up to 5 kg.

Volumetric weight: maximum 8 kg. 

The volumetric weight is the weight of a package, but taking its dimensions into account. To calculate our charges, transport companies usually use this measure instead of the real weight, because transporting a 1 kg bulky object is not the same as transporting a 1 kg small object, even though the weight is the same.

Correos applies the weight/volume criterion up to 167kg/m3 at the time the package is received, using the following formula: length x height x width in cm / 6,000.

If you are a contract customer you can send up to 10 packages with the Multiple-Parcel Delivery option.

Just tell us where you want us to take it!

  • It is important that your details and those of the recipient are clearly visible on the packaging. 
  • Two delivery attempts requiring signature. If delivery can't be made, it will be available for 15 days at the closest Post Office.

Guarantees and delivery periods

If your shipment suffers an incident arriving at its destination, Correos will compensate you. If you would like the compensation to be paid to the recipient, you must provide signed authorisation.

We know that you trust us and this is our way of thanking you:

National guarantees:

For delay:

  • Deadlines in which to register an incident or claim: minimum 3 days and maximum 21 days, from the reception date of the shipment.
  • Compensation: charge paid.
  • Terms and Conditions: delivery times will only be met if reception is before 16:00. If not, the period will increase by 1 day.
  • In shipments with the origin or destination in Andorra, the Canary Islands, Ceuta or Melilla, the time for customs processing will not be counted.

That and delivery as fast as we can. 

Find your nearest Correos branch and bring us your delivery before 14:00. If you are a contract customer tell us where to collect it before 13:00. We will deliver it between 15:00 and 21:00 on the same day. 

National parcel service terms and conditions


If you would like us to make you a personalised offer, talk to us.