Apartado Postal

For receiving postal deliveries without needing an address.



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Delivery to Apartado Postal FD

According to agreement, considering the urban structure, delivery times, quantity and type of delivery, weight, batch volume, etc.
Come and see us at any Correos Post Office and ask to contract an Apartado Postal.
Give us the details of the user. You can add up to 5 authorised users, both individuals and legal entities.
Receive your Correos deliveries by simply providing the Apartado number. We guarantee user confidentiality. 

Product information


With our Apartado Postal service, you can receive your correspondence anywhere in the country without needing to have an address or be on the electoral register in that location. We give you one of our locked boxes so that you can collect your post whenever you want, as long as this is within the opening hours of the post office where it is located, or you can choose to have it sent to your home.

Whenever necessary due to the volume, size or nature of the deliveries, the correspondence will be left inside the Post Office and we will leave a notification inside the Apartado asking any of the users to go to the counter.

We guarantee confidentiality for Apartado users, so no name is required to appear on the delivery address - the Apartado number is enough. 


If you would like us to make you a personalised offer, leave your contact details in this form.