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Additional services

Electronic Proof of Delivery (ePOD)

Digital recorded delivery receipt.

Delivery Notification

Written confirmation of delivery, so you know who received the item and when.

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Acuse de Recibo

We provide you with written confirmation that your telegraphic document has been delivered, so you have a record of the person who received it and the date and time it was collected. 

Content Certification

We certify the content of your message sent by burofax, which serves as legal proof in relation to third parties. This can be requested up to five years after the item has been accepted.


For recorded items, an additional delivery certification service is available, giving you legally valid proof of delivery to present to third parties. 

Certified copy

As the sender, keep an authenticated copy of the communication sent by Burofax or Telegram. You can request this service when sending the item, or later. Legally valid.

120 months custody

You can request that we hold on to your item for longer, from between 60 to 120 months, if during this period you need to ask us for content certification.

How to send a burofax, step by step

Register on Mi Oficina. It’s quick, easy and free.  
Prepare your Burofax by uploading the document you want to send in PDF format. Remember that only valid or embedded fonts can be used in your document.
Add the recipients one by one, by uploading a file or reusing recipients from previous deliveries. Request the additional services offered by this product.
Pay with a credit card, debit card or PayPal, or by charging the service to a Correos contract. 

Product information


With the Correos Burofax Premium you will be able to send your most urgent shipments with maximum security, as the delivery requires the recipient's signature that serves as legally valid proof to third parties. 

Delivery details

The Burofax Premium service allows your most important documents to be sent urgently at any time without leaving the house.

Means of sending.

  • In person by going to any Correos Post Office.
  • Online, from anywhere, using the Mi Oficina service on our website.

Now you just have to tell us where you would like us to send it:

  • Home of the recipient
  • Correos Post Offices.
  • To a PO Box.

Guarantees and delivery periods

For delays attributable to Correos, the charge corresponding to the Burofax is refunded, excluding added values.

National Burofax:

  • Deadlines in which to register an incident or claim: minimum 1 day and maximum 6 months. 
  • Terms and Conditions: delivery will be made the same day or in the morning of the next business day.
  • Same day delivery is not guaranteed in July, August and September.

International Burofax:

  • Time period in which to register an incident or claim: minimum 3 days and maximum 4 months.
  • Terms and Conditions: An international burofax can be sent to:
    • Zone A countries: Europe, Turkey, Algeria, Libya, Morocco and Tunisia.
    • Zone B countries: Other countries (Ask in the Correos Post Office which countries accept it).

Remember that delivery times will only be fulfilled if the online reception process has been completed before 13:00 and the destination is a location with a Special Delivery Unit.

Saturdays, Sundays and holidays are excluded. 



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