Buzón de Vacaciones

Close for the holidays, let Correos take care of your deliveries.



Buzón de Vacaciones From €12.75 YES PLEASE

How to contract this service online

Complete the subscription form online or come to any of our Post Offices to contract a Buzón de Vacaciones.
Tell us the CIF and details of your company and the DNI of each person authorised to use the service. Make sure the documentation is correct and complete.
Pay and, if you are contracting the service online, use the code BUZONDEVACACIONES to avoid paying for delivery costs.

Product information


Your company also needs a break. With our Buzón de Vacaciones service, you can enjoy a few days off without worrying about a thing because Correos will look after all your deliveries until you get back:

  • Exclusive for your business: only one company can be included per contracted mailbox, even if there are other businesses at the same address.
  • For your peace of mind: we look after both your standard deliveries and the notifications for recorded deliveries. Furthermore, with the free SMS notification service, we will let you know when you receive a recorded delivery in your mailbox so you can collect it within the deadline. 
  • Tailored to your requirements: this service can be contracted at any of our Post Offices and online, from 1 to 14 weeks.
  • Tailored to your company: you decide when to start the service. We do, however, need at least 72 hours notice to get everything ready for things to work smoothly.
  • More practical: you can collect your deliveries from time to time while the service is available.
  • More convenience: at the end of the service, choose whether you want us to take your deliveries to your chosen location, or whether you would prefer to collect them from the Correos Office where your Buzón is located. 


With all the Correos guarantees, we guarantee maximum confidentiality and security for the deliveries left in your mailbox.


If you would like us to make you a personalised offer, leave your contact details in this form.