Mail forwarding

Change the location of your company without losing your mail.


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Mail forwarding From €42.89 € CONTRACT
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Product information


Our Mail Forwarding service takes your parcels and letters to your new home so that you continue to receive your post as if you hadn’t moved.

However, please remember that the following deliveries cannot be forwarded:

  • Money orders and telegraphic products.
  • Registered letters and parcels with a delivery notification, in the event they are outside Spain.
  • Deliveries with postage paid on delivery.

Furthermore, urgent shipments forwarded under this service cease to be urgent and, therefore, the terms for delivery times do not have to be fulfilled.

To take out this service, add it to the cart on our Online Shop, attach the application form and your ID card, and make the payment.

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You decide how long you want us to send you your post for:

  • 1 month: €39.69
  • 2 months: €60.14
  • 6 months: €80.22