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Exploring the issues


  • How to prepare your item
  • How Mi Oficina works
  • Measurements and weights


  • Collect item
  • Mailing code
  • Delayed shipments
  • New Import Security Process
  • Import VAT on e-commerce

Your query/your complaint

  • Handling of incidents/complaints/queries
  • Log your incident/complaint
  • Modify or add information
  • View the status of your incident/complaint
  • Request information from our Customer Service

Customs information

  • Imports
  • News Imports
  • Exports
  • Import VAT on e-commerce

Coverage and guarantees

  • National
  • International

Information security

  • Phishing
  • How Correos looks after your security
  • Ten golden security rules
  • Email Checker

Special situations

Ukraine / Russia Special

  • Situation of shipments to Ukraine/Russia

Customer Service

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