Correos Covid-19 protocol

Correos guarantees your safety against Covid-19! We have remained active throughout the global crisis caused by coronavirus, thereby guaranteeing the flow of goods between citizens, an essential service. It has not been an easy task but we are proud that we have been able to guarantee health security throughout the Correos ecosystem. Our commitment to society is rock solid and therefore, the safety of our employees and customers has been a priority right from the start of the pandemic. 

We live up to our word! This is the protective equipment we have distributed throughout our network (offices, delivery, logistics centres) in order to maximise safety: approximately 14 million FFP2 face masks, more than 98,000 litres of hydroalcoholic gel and more than 30,000 litres of disinfectant gel, and some 20.5 million gloves. 

We have even been awarded the AENOR Seal, which recognises the adaptation of action protocols and  Documents on Organisational and Preventive Measures to tackle Covid-19, in accordance with Ministry of Health requirements. 


Our safety measures have been endorsed by AENOR!

Yes, we could not be prouder that the Spanish Association for Standardisation and Certification has formally recognised our preventive measures. This certifies that our action protocols and documents on organisational and preventive measures to tackle Covid-19 are adapted to the requirements and recommendations established by the Ministry of Health with regard to prevention and hygiene.

Why have we been awarded this recognition from AENOR?

One of our most important initiatives has been maintaining an action protocol that has constantly been updated and adapted to the evolving situation since the start of the health crisis. Our aim has always been to guarantee the safety and minimise the possibility of illness among our employees.

To meet our aim, we have launched a plan of health and safety measures for our employees and customers. These measures include cleaning and disinfecting offices and facilities, safe deposit and delivery procedures, capacity control in work centres, promoting remote working, risk management for staff members who are particularly vulnerable and personal protection measures. What's more, our employees have received specific ongoing and up-to-date training and information on Covid-19. 

How did AENOR evaluate our commitment to safety?

The team from AENOR carried out an audit in which they reviewed the documents that detail our action protocols and the procedures we have adopted to guarantee the safety of all our workers in the face of Covid-19. They also verified in person that the measures established in the delivery units, offices, processing centres and administrative buildings were being complied with.


It's not us saying it, it's AENOR: Correos has demonstrated its commitment to guaranteeing the health and safety both of its workers and its customers, suppliers, collaborators and, in general, all citizens who, on a daily basis, place their trust in the company. 


The safety measures implemented at Correos have been designed from a 360º perspective, with recommendations that cover the company's entire complex operating system. 

One of our most important protocols is on how to act when there are cases of Covid-19 among employees in our facilities. Guidelines have been established which are to be followed when we detect any positive cases, their  close contacts and how to manage them. It not only protects the affected workers but also the rest of the workforce. 

What’s more, at Correos we have gone one step further and have extended the recommendations to cover the journey our employees make from home to work. We have recommended that they follow the health and prevention guidelines at all times, that is, that they maintain the maximum possible social distance, wash their hands frequently and use a face mask.

Of course, the use of face masks is obligatory in all our work centres, and hand sanitiser gel is available to all our workers and customers. Gloves are available to  workers in all our centres, so they can be used by anyone who asks for them.

Below we present the specific measures that have led to the company being awarded the AENOR seal.

General safety in Correos facilities

We are aware that a large number of our employees have to come to work in person and are unable to work remotely. For this reason, prevention measures in our buildings are of the utmost importance. 

Starting with the rules on entering and leaving our buildings, we have established measures that prevent large gatherings of employees. Depending on the type of work centre, we have implemented measures that ensure staggered entry and departure times, or gaps between the end of one shift and the start of the following one, etc. We have also advised workers to avoid going to work centres other than their own.

Capacity control in communal areas and shared spaces is another of our top priorities. To guarantee safety, we have designed limited capacity areas and staggered break times. Likewise, there are rules in place to regulate the use of toilet facilities and changing rooms. Employees are advised to use these facilities one at a time, and they are subject to a strict periodic cleaning schedule.

Changes to cleaning and hygiene measures in units.

Correos optimised the cleaning and hygiene measures in place in its facilities right from the start of the pandemic. We have designed a specific cleaning plan for our units, which includes a record of the activities carried out and deeper, more frequent cleaning: 

Work centres are cleaned daily, paying special attention to the following surfaces: window and door knobs and handles; switches, lift buttons; bannisters and rails on staircases; the surfaces of work tables and communal areas used by members of the public. 

Likewise, vehicles and work equipment (trays, cages and carts) are cleaned and disinfected on a daily basis.

Continuous ventilation 

Ventilation and air conditioning are essential in our work centres. All our units have received instructions on ensuring daily ventilation adapted to the characteristics of each space. 

Also, the preventive maintenance carried out on the air conditioning systems includes the periodic cleaning, maintenance and replacement of air filters. 


Vulnerable workers

Our employees are our number one priority! For this reason, we have put together a series of unique procedures for vulnerable employees who are at higher risk from Covid-19. These procedures include exceptional measures for vulnerable workers who are at a higher risk from coronavirus SARS-CoV-2.


Our social distancing and mask-wearing requirements are the most stringent in the mail Distribution Network. 

Our employees must not at any time come into direct contact with the recipient of the delivery. At the time the item is delivered, once the postal worker has gathered the information required from the recipient, they leave the item within their reach and leave. As a result, customers will receive notification of any home delivery items with associated fees, so these can be paid in a branch. 

In the case of administrative notifications, burofax and telegrams, these will be signed-for on delivery, in compliance with a strict safety protocol both for the postal worker and the recipient of the item.

Finally, with regard to the Logistics Network, we carry out daily cleaning between shifts, guaranteeing that any work equipment and logistics elements in the centres are disinfected. We have also adopted shift patterns that prevent large numbers of employees coming into contact with each other as they enter and leave the building, guaranteeing that all operations are carried out respecting minimum social distances.

Post Offices

One of the most important measures adopted in our network of offices is capacity control to prevent crowding, and social distancing. How have we achieved this?

We have implemented prevention and control measures based on limiting capacity in accordance with the regional regulations currently in force. 

In addition to marking out a one-way system in all our branches, hand sanitiser gel has been installed at the entrance to all our offices, or as close as possible to the queue manager, so that each customer can sanitise their hands before entering.

In the larger branches, one of the office employees takes the role of ambassador and directs the movement of customers to guarantee the above-mentioned capacity measures are adhered to. 

Once at the service window, contact between employees and customers has to be avoided so we have installed partition screens at the customer service points. All exchanges are carried out leaving documents, letters, packages, receipts, money, etc. on the counter. There is never any physical contact between the employee and the customer.

How do customers access the electronic signature to deposit or receive items?

Some of our deposit and receipt processes require our customers to sign the electronic tablets located in our branches. Customers are required to sanitise their hands prior to giving their signature, using the hand sanitiser gel found next to the tablet where they sign. Customers are not permitted to sign until they have sanitised their hands.