Ordinary SAD in the Canary Islands

If your shipment comes from Ceuta, Melilla or any other country outside the European Union and contains goods valued at over €150 or contains goods valued at below this amount but which are subject to sanitary controls or taxes, this Ordinary Clearance procedure will be applied, for which an ordinary SAD may need to be completed and presented to the Tax Office (AEAT).

In these cases, the shipment may be subject to the payment of customs import duty, the as well as the corresponding Canary Islands taxes (IGIC, AIEM, RM) and any Special Taxes that may be applicable.

If you sign up for the Correos customs processing services, you must pay the corresponding fee for the Ordinary SAD process, custody and presentation of the shipment to Customs, as well as the fee corresponding to any border control procedures that may need to be carried out, as required by Customs (sanitary, pharmaceutical or CITES). 

However, we will first send you a quote for all the charges that need to be paid.

You may designate Correos as your Customs Representative to clear customs and deliver the shipment conveniently to your home. You will receive a communication entitled “Customs Delivery Notification ” which will inform you of the three possible alternatives for carrying out customs clearance procedures for your shipment:

  1. Through Correos: you will have to complete the Delivery Notification form, providing the data required, and send it to the email address indicated in the document.
  2. Via the website: using your digital signature or e-DNI, you need to access the AEAT virtual office, select the Simplified form and, once you have paid the corresponding taxes to the AEAT, send us the release document. Once we receive it, along with payment of our tariff, we will deliver the shipment to your home.
  3. Via another Customs agent: your chosen customs agent must pay the costs for document presentation prior to delivery at your home address.

Customs has the power to inspect or retain shipments of goods and to apply any controls they deem necessary.