Ordinary DUA in Ceuta

The Ordinary Procedure is used to process imports into Ceuta whenever the  shipments are valued at over € 150 or contain goods subject to para-customs controls on entry into Spain or Special Taxes.

There are two options:

  1. If you provided the necessary information/documentation (an invoice or value declaration indicating the NIF of the importer) when leaving the item(s) with Correos for Correos to process the SAD for Import into Ceuta, Correos will process the shipment with Customs and deliver it immediately.
    The shipment will be delivered to the addressee in Ceuta upon payment on delivery of the Correos fee and IPSI on imports if the addressee is not registered for the deferred payment system in Ceuta.
    These can be paid by the recipient in cash on delivery of the shipment (soon available through the Correos App).

  2. Otherwise, if Correos does not have the necessary information/documentation for processing the SAD for Import into Ceuta, the addressee for the shipment will receive a communication entitled “Arrival Notification”  informing them of the possible alternatives for processing the import of their shipment with Customs:

Via Correos, the addressee selects Correos as their  customs agent for intermediation with the Spanish Tax Office (AEAT):

  • Complete and sign the Arrival Notification, ensuring you provide the correct contact details: email, telephone and NIF. 
  • Attach the commercial invoice or proforma invoice.
  • Send the documentation to avisoscza.ceuta@correos.com or deliver it in person to any of our post offices in Ceuta.

Once we receive the documentation, we will proceed to clear the goods through Customs and deliver the shipment to the home address of the addressee.

At the time of delivery, the addressee must pay our fee and will only have to pay the IPSI if they are not registered for the deferred payment system.

These can be paid by the recipient in cash on delivery of the shipment (soon available through the Correos App).

Via another Customs agent or by completing the customs procedures yourself (self-clearance). If the addressee in Ceuta decides to process clearance themselves, they will need to provide us with a Form 090 stamped by the Treasury Office and the invoiced stamped by Customs so that we can deliver the shipment, as well as the Release Document if you processed clearance with another customs agent.


Remember that, if you choose to contract a customs agent other than Correos or to process clearance yourself, you will need to pay the Document Transfer fee upon delivery of the shipment by Correos.