Ordinary DUA in Ceuta

The Ordinary Clearance procedure will be applied to shipments addressed to companies or legal persons which contain goods that are subject to border safety controls, or to shipments that Correos is unable to clear through customs because they do not have the required invoice or because the NIF is incorrect. 

You will receive a communication entitled “Customs Delivery Notification  which will inform you of the two possible alternatives for carrying out customs clearance procedures for your shipment:

Through Correos, you can choose us to be your indirect representative before the Tax Office (AEAT):

  • Complete and sign the Customs Delivery Notification, ensuring you give the correct contact details: email, telephone and NIF. If the importer is a company or legal entity, it must also be stamped with the company seal.
  • Attach the commercial invoice or proforma invoice.
  • Send the documentation toavisoscza.ceuta@correos.com or deliver it in person to any of our post offices in Ceuta.
    Once we receive the documentation we will clear the goods through customs and we will deliver your shipment to your home. On delivery, you will have to pay our tariff and you will only have to pay the IPSI if you have chosen the immediate payment option.

Through another Customs agent, or carrying out the customs formalities yourself. If you have decided to carry out the customs clearance procedures yourself, you will need to give us form 090, stamped by the Ministry of Finance and the invoice stamped by customs so we can deliver your shipment. Otherwise, if you have decided to use a Customs Agent other than Correos, they must provide the 090 form and Customs Release Form.

Customs Delivery Notification