Simplified SAD in Ceuta

The Simplified Procedure will be applied to shipments sent to a recipient who is an individual or natural person, provided that Correos has the documents required to clear the shipment through Customs and that the shipment does not need to pass through any border safety controls.

To ship goods to Ceuta, you need to attach the invoice in triplicate with the NIF of the recipient in a sealed envelope placed on the outside of the package. This will avoid delays to the shipment and will facilitate the delivery procedure.

Correos will take care of the customs formalities so that your shipments can be delivered directly to your home. On delivery, you will have to pay our tariff and you will only have to pay the IPSI if you have chosen the immediate payment option.

Once we have dispatched and delivered your shipment, we will provide you with Form 090, SAD document 8, Customs Release and the Correos delivery document.

Remember that you can reject the shipment on delivery, you can carry out the customs clearance yourself or choose an external agent to take care of it for you.

Customs has the power to inspect or retain shipments of goods and to apply any controls they deem necessary.