Simplified SAD - Mainland Spain and Balearic Islands

The Simplified Import Procedure will be used to process shipments with goods valued at between €22 and €150, provided that the addressee is a private person and the goods contained in the shipment are not subject to special taxes (tobacco, alcohol, etc.) or border safety controls (sanitary, pharmaceutical, etc.).

Correos aims to ensure you receive your shipments conveniently at your home and that’s why we take care of the customs clearance procedures, with payment of the corresponding VAT and our fee on delivery.

With your online purchases, it is very important that the data your provide is correct, so the seller can fill in the postal documents and to avoid any incidents when it comes to delivering the shipment. Correos will get it to you as quickly as we can.

Remember that you can reject the shipment on delivery, you can carry out the customs clearance yourself or choose an external agent to take care of it for you.

Shipments that contain used personal items are exempt from payment of VAT on import, provided this is duly accredited when they are presented at Customs.

Likewise, shipments sent from one individual to another that contain goods valued at up to €45 require the presentation of the SAD and will also be exempt from payment of VAT on import, provided no commercial transaction has taken place.  

Customs has the power to inspect or retain shipments of goods and to apply any controls they deem necessary.