Tracking items currently being imported.

You can track the status of your shipments at all times through our delivery tracker.

  1. Subject to import procedure - Notice Sent to Recipient
    You will receive a Customs Arrival Notice to your address, indicating the steps to that need to be taken before the shipment clears Customs. If you prefer, you can choose to have Correos carry out all the necessary procedures, you only have to provide us with the documentation and information we request.
    If after two or three days you have not received the notification, it may be because Correos does not have your correct information You can use this form  to ask us to send you a new one.
  2. Documentation received from recipient.
    If the documentation we receive at Correos is correct, we will e-mail you an estimate indicating all the customs procedures that the goods must comply with depending on their characteristics and associated costs.
    If you are satisfied with this estimate, you must follow the instructions in the message and pay the amounts indicated. Correos will then continue with the import clearance process.
  3. Import procedure estimate sent.
    The estimate we send you will include duties, excise taxes and VAT if you are in mainland Spain or the Balearic Islands, and if you are in the Canary Islands the estimate will include duties, excise taxes, IGIC, AIEM and RM, as well as the Correos service fee for the management and processing of the import DUAs and customs permits (health, pharmacy, etc.), which are mandatory depending on the goods being imported.
  4. Transfer received - Import procedure in progress.
    Once we have correctly received payment of the amounts indicated in the estimate, we will proceed to dispatch the import to Spanish Customs.
    The time needed to clear the shipment may vary, depending on particular cases. In general it will be 2 - 4 calendar days unless the goods need to undergo a special inspection, in which case processing could be delayed depending on the type of inspection that the goods require (between 8 and 15 days).
  5. Import procedure completed – Shipment on its way to recipient.
    The shipment has been processed and is on its way to the recipient's home.
  6. Import procedure completed – Shipment delivered to recipient.
    This indicates that the user has decided to carry out the import procedures by their own means or through an authorised person, and that the shipment has been delivered.
  7. Import procedure completed - Item returned as prohibited item.
    Once the border security controls have been carried out, the shipment has not been authorised for importation because it contains prohibited goods.
    In this manner and on the instruction of Customs, Correos will proceed to return the delivery to its place of origin, and Correos will reimburse the amounts that have already been paid from the estimate.
  8. Import procedure completed - Item returned as being subject to restrictions
    The goods contained in the shipment have not been authorised for importation because they do not comply with the conditions required by the authorities. In this manner and on the instructions of Customs, Correos will proceed to return the shipment to its place of origin.
  9.  Import procedure completed - Item returned through being unable to contact recipient
    The time set out in the Arrival Notice for the completion of customs procedures has expired.
    It is possible that the recipient has not provided all the documentation requested, or that they have not paid the estimate, so we will not be able to import the shipment and will have to return it to its place of origin. 
    For online purchases, remember that all contact details must be correctly provided to the online vendor so that they are able to complete all the corresponding postal documents and invoices that must accompany the shipment  (sender's and recipient's contact details, shipment information, including number of items, a detailed description of contents, the value of each item, invoices, classification, content tariffs where known, origin of the goods, etc.)
  10. Import procedure completed – Returned to country of origin for other reasons.
    The shipment has been returned to the country of origin for other reasons.
    It may have been claimed by someone else or rejected by the recipient.