Self-service Machine

Waiting in line to send a package? That’s a thing of the past now. Now you can send your packages to anywhere in mainland Spain and the Balearic Islands without needing to wait in line. 

You pack it, you send it; however you like and at your own pace. 

Keep reading to learn how:


Put your package on the scales.

Select a type of delivery.

Enter and confirm the sender’s and recipient's details.

Complete the payment.

Take the label and stick it somewhere visible on your package.

Head over to the drop-box, scan the code on your package and leave it. Done!

What do I need to send my deliveries using the Self service machines?

It’s very easy! You just need to bring your package (delivery in Spain only) and select the delivery deadline you want: 24, 48 or 72 hours. We’ll do the rest to ensure your package arrives on time.

What deliveries can I make with the Self service machines?

You can use these machines for any Paq Premium and Paq Estándar package delivery. Important! This drop-off method cannot be used for additional services, such as cash on delivery or confirmation of receipt.

Can I send packages to the Canary Islands, Ceuta or Melilla?

For the time being, no. Because deliveries to those locations are not subject to the same rate of VAT and pertain to different parts of the customs territory, picking up these items requires procedures that can only be completed at the counter.

Can I make postal deliveries?

It is not currently possible to make postal deliveries using the- Self-service machines. You can make Paq Premium and Paq Estándar deliveries. However, we are constantly working to bring you new services in the future.

What happens if I realise my package doesn’t fit in the drop-box?

Don’t worry! Just head over to the counter with your package so that a member of our customer service team can take it off your hands.

Does it cost any extra to leave my package with the Self-service machines?

Absolutely not! There is no extra cost for using the Self-service option. It is just another alternative that we offer to make your deliveries easier and more convenient.

What happens if I close the hatch before dropping off my package?

No problem! Someone will always be ready to help you if that happens. You just need to tell a member of staff so they can help you. Every problem has a solution. 

How long does it take for my package to be picked up and sent to its destination?

We pick up self-service packages on the same day that they are dropped off. Please note this will only be possible if you drop your package off on a working day. If you drop your package off on a public holiday, we will pick it up on the next working day.

Will I receive any kind of information or receipt when dropping off a package?

Of course! Once your package has been picked up at the branch, we will send you email confirmation.