Information security


Phishing is a technique used by cyber criminals which consists of tricking people by posing as a legitimate company or service. The ultimate goal is to obtain our personal passwords, install malware on our devices or steal our money.


How Correos looks after your security

At Correos, we're aware that our image is an attractive target for cyber criminals. They use emails and text messages to carry out phishing attacks, posing as Correos to steal our customers’ data or ask them to carry out bank transactions, with the resulting financial and privacy-related risks that these actions entail.


Ten golden security rules

Use common sense and exercise caution: your security is of the utmost importance.

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E-mail Checker

Digital tool that helps you to know if the email you have received from Correos is genuinely from us and is secure.


Any questions?

Customer service in our branches

Over-the-counter services can be received by visiting any Correos branch.

Data processing

Please write to us if you have any questions about personal data processing.