Ten golden security rules

1.     Be very careful when using public or unauthenticated Wi-Fi networks: you may be exposing your personal information, bank details or passwords.

2.     Check that the internet connection you're using is secure and that no warnings or errors come up.

3.     Use strong passwords that contain numbers, symbols and upper and lower case letters. Also, never share them or write them down.

4.     Install the latest updates for your device and always use licensed software from official repositories.

5.     Do not trust emails or text messages that ask for personal information, ask you to carry out bank transactions or that come from dubious sources.

6.     Do not provide confidential information by email, SMS or over the phone.

7.     Be wary of emails containing attachments or executable files: never open or run files without contacting the company or organisation the email purports to be from.

8.     Be careful with links in emails or text messages: hover over the link to see which address they direct to.

9.     Delete cookies from your browser to make sure you're not storing any unwanted information. Read our guide for more information on how to do this.

10. Don't put personal information on social mediaor post about where you're going on holiday, where you work or what school your children go to.

Ultimately, use common sense and be cautious: your security is of the utmost importance. 

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