International Order

Send money anywhere in the world using this risk-free service with no hassle.



Additional services

Delivery Notification

Written confirmation of delivery, so you know who received the item and when.

See destination countries

Hand delivery

Confirmation of hand delivery to the recipient. At the Correos Post Office, you need to confirm that the destination country permits this service.
Come and see us at any Correos branch and bring the cash you want to send. Don’t forget your ID!
Provide the details of the recipient authorised to collect the money and their address. The money will only be delivered to the individual you name, to ensure secure delivery.
Choose a delivery method - standard or urgent - and send it to a private address or a Correos branch. Remember that Urgent Order can only be delivered to a Correos branch. 

Product information


With our International Order service, you can transcend borders and make payments to people or companies in any country with which we have an agreement, with the utmost security and all the guarantees we always offer.

We do not charge the recipient anything and we deal with any restrictions in the destination country on payment types and methods.

Shipment details

A totally customised service adapted to meet your needs:

Delivery type:

  • UPU Electronic IFS Giro (immediate availability): delivery in just a few minutes.

Type of payment:

  • Cash.

Amounts paid by money orders:

  • Maximum: €2,499.99 or the equivalent in a foreign currency.
  • This maximum may vary depending on the destination country.

But that’s not all!

You can also include a private communication of 140 characters at no additional cost.

This service is available for: 

Colombia Cuba Morocco Uruguay Peru Portugal Chile Ecuador Paraguay

Guarantees and delivery periods

With all the guarantees offered by Correos.

Delivery Deadline:

The money you send can be collected by the recipient within 15 minutes of acceptance for delivery, bearing in mind any time difference with the other countries. Times will depend on the time difference with the countries to which the money is sent.


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