Western Union

Send money to over 200 countries in minutes.

Additional services

Message in 10 words

Request an SMS text message of up to 10 words to be sent when making the delivery.

Notification of arrival

We let you know that your shipment has reached its destination without incident. 

Product information


With the Western Union service, your money is sent and available within minutes of being accepted for delivery over the counter. It remains in the system for payment to the recipient for about 90 days. If the money has not been collected after this period, it can be recovered by the sender by presenting their receipt and valid ID

The maximum amount per transfer (sending and receiving) is €3,000 per person per day.

At Correos, we offer another way of sending money:

Direct to Bank: with which you can transfer money directly to a bank account in 53 countries worldwide.

  • The recipient does not need to travel to collect the delivery.
  • The money is deposited in their account within 24 hours, although sometimes it can arrive in just a few minutes.

Guarantees and delivery periods

With all the guarantees offered by Correos.

Delivery Deadline:

The money you send can be collected by the recipient within 15 minutes of acceptance for delivery, bearing in mind any time difference with the other countries. Times will depend on the time difference with the countries to which the money is sent.


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