Correos Gift Card

Why choose just one gift when you can give everything.



Correos Gift Card From €3 YES PLEASE

How to get your Correos Gift Card.

Come and see us. Correos Gift Cards can only be bought at our Post Offices.
Get your Correos Pre-Paid Pack and forget about having to choose a gift.
Sign the back of your card and you’ll be one step away from getting your Correos Gift Card.
Activate your card by sending an SMS with the word “ACTIVAR” followed by a space and the last eight digits of your card to (+34) 603 655 250.

Product information


Why choose just one gift when you can give everything. Unlike other cards that can only be used in a specific store, the Correos Gift Card and Correos Aliexpress Gift Card are valid at more than 37 million businesses that accept Mastercard worldwide.

They are perfect for shopping online and in stores. They are completely safe because they are not linked to a bank account. Only the balance you loaded onto the card can be spent.

You can also view the card balance and recent transactions using the websiteor by sending an SMS to (+34) 603 655 250.

Choose between a Correos Gift Card and a Correos Aliexpress Gift Card!

  • The same features, the same benefits:
  • Price: €3 (including VAT).
  • Minimum top-up from €20.
  • Maximum top-up: up to €150.
  • Just one top-up.