Correos Pre-Paid Card

Keep your shopping secure and your spending under control.



Correos Pre-Paid Card From €6 YES PLEASE
Request your card using YES PLEASE and we will send it to you within a week, or pick one up at any Correos Post Office. For just €6! Simply provide your details and activate it by SMS.
Pay conveniently at businesses around the world without needing to provide cards details linked to bank accounts.
Withdraw money from any cash point in the main banking networks in Spain and abroad, and at any Correos Post Office.
Transfer funds: to another Correos Pre-Paid Card easily and instantly via the website or app any time, anywhere.

Product information


A Correos Pre-Paid Card is the safest option for shopping online and at millions of businesses around the world. Take it with you on holiday and control your spending:

  • No maintenance fee: no fees for purchases in euros.
  • Total control: view your transactions or available balance, top up your card balance or send money and block it whenever you want using the app*, our website or at any Correos Post Office. 


Your Correos Pre-Paid Cards are Mastercards. They are not linked to bank accounts. These cards therefore work just like your bank debit card, but with the security of restricting use to the balance loaded onto the card. 

Correos Pre-Paid Card

  • Price: €6 (including VAT).
  • Minimum top-up: from €10.
  • Maximum daily top-up: up to €5,000.
  • Multiple top-ups.