League of Legends Virtual Pre-Paid Card

The only virtual card that earns RP with purchase.

League of Legends Virtual Pre-Paid Card YES PLEASE
Ask for your Correos Pre-Paid LoL virtual card.
Top up your card.
Use it to pay.
Earn RP.

Product information


With the League of Legends Correos Virtual Pre-Paid Card, you can shop in all establishments on the Mastercard® network and earn RP to spend in-game.

  • 1 RP for every €5 you spend.
  • With option to contract IBAN.
  • Top up your card quickly via the website or app for €2.


Ask for your card via YES PLEASE and you can have it instantly in your wallet or via your payment method for just €3.50*.

    *€3 if you are in the first 2000.

Shop and pay online and in any establishment of over 37 million businesses that accept Mastercard® worldwide.

Earn RP on every purchase and spend each 100 RP in the League of Legends game.

You can withdraw cash from Correos Offices and contactless ATMs on the Mastercard network all over the world.

You can transfer funds to another Correos Pre-Paid Card easily and instantly via the website or app any time, anywhere.

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